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Jul 25, 2004
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Arab Political Commentators on America's History of Violence

#187 | 02:41
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

The following are excerpts from a discussion about America's history of violence on the Iranian 'Al-Alam TV:

Muhammad Ghazala, Political Commentator and Journalist: Since the Republic of the United States was established the government never tried to integrate the population. That is why entirely different races and peoples remained hostile to each other. This is why the people of the US, which is a collection of several peoples, remained an entirely materialistic people. There is no bond between these races. Even within the family, there is no bond between family members. As a result, the individual developed a material need.

Therefore this individual, whose economic situation has worsened, turned to any measure, respectable or not, mostly unrespectable measures. He turned to drugs and to violence, so much so that we know that a guest or resident of New York, for instance, cannot carry a few coins because he will be murdered for 15 cents or for a few dollars. This is an entirely materialistic society.

'Omar Kush, Political Commentator and Journalist: Even in the days of the railway revolution in America, around the year 1820, one of the railway companies organized a buffalo hunt for the public, meaning you purchase various weapons, machine guns and automatic weapons and so on, and hunt buffalos. There are statistics according to which one and a half million buffalos were killed. This surely encourages violence...

There was a scandal regarding the council of rich Jews in North America, called MIJA. This group had many ties to organized crime, personal security companies, the trade in whisky and one of them was considered the emperor of whisky.

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