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Sep 20, 2016
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Arab-American Political Activist Khaled Saffuri: MEMRI Is a Huge Organization, Monitoring Everything Published in the Arab World

#5689 | 02:00
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a TV interview broadcast on September 21, Arab-American political activist Khaled Saffuri complained that the Arab world has no institutions equivalent to MEMRI, saying that while CAIR and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee deal with Islamophobia, their capabilities cannot be compared to MEMRI's, which, he claimed, "has a $17 million budget." "This very show is being recorded and monitored," he told the Mayadeen TV interviewer.


Khaled Saffuri: "In the U.S., there is great interest in researching and monitoring the Internet. I believe that part of your show focuses on emails, and when a picture of a martyr is posted, it is removed."



Newscaster: "Correct."



Khaled Saffuri: "There are reasons for this, as I've mentioned. For example, there is a huge Zionist organization called MEMRI, which monitors everything that is published about Israel in the Arab world, and even in the Islamic world and the United States. Any slip of the tongue or any bad statement - even if it comes from an imam with no more than ten followers - are re-published for the benefit of the American media and Congress, as if it is representative of the Arab and Islamic public. If some provocation is published on the Internet by any Arab source, it is reproduced and reported. They monitor everything published in the Arab world. On the Arab side, there are practically no such organizations. In Washington, D.C., there is a group that deals with hatred of Muslims. It's called CAIR, and there is also the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, but when compared with the capabilities of MEMRI, which has a $17 million budget... The budget of CAIR, which is the largest Arab-Islamic organization, cannot compare to the budget of MEMRI. MEMRI does one thing and one thing alone: they monitor everything published by the Arab and Islamic media. This very show is being monitored and recorded."



Newscaster: "True."



Khaled Saffuri: "The show is translated by Arabic speakers from various Arab nationalities - from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Bahrain. They translate the show for that organization, which sends to it a long list of American media outlets and decision-makers."


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