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Jan 12, 2018
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Sheikh Muhammad Ayed "Abu Abdallah": We Need a Caliph with His Finger on a Nuclear Button, Like Kim Jong-un

#6377 | 03:07
Source: The Internet - "YouTube Account dediated to Al-Aqsa Mosque Addresses"

Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, known as "Abu Abdallah," gave an address at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in which he criticized Arab and Muslim rulers for their "subjugation to America" and said, following U.S. President Trump's recent exchange of threats with North Korean President Kim Jong-un, that what the Muslim world needs is a Caliph who "puts his finger on a nuclear button." Noting that Pakistan is a nuclear power, he asked: "Where is your nuclear button, which could liberate Jerusalem and take revenge for Syria and for all the Muslims who have been wronged?" The address was posted on the Internet on January 12.

Sheikh Muhammad Ayed: "A few days ago, the North Korean president threatened the U.S., saying to it: 'My hand is on the nuclear button on my table in my presidential office.' Kim Jong-un's hand is on his nuclear button, threatening the U.S.


"These words forced the U.S. President to respond: 'My hand is also a nuclear button, which is bigger than the nuclear button of North Korea.' But after this he said: 'I am ready to negotiate with the North Korean president.' [This was the response of] America the giant, when the Koreans said: 'Our nuclear missiles cover the United States.' At the same time, when I look at the Arab world and at the Muslims, I see that they are covering America with billions and billions of dollars in bribes, due to their subjugation to the Americans and their fear of them.    


"Oh, our [Arab] rulers, aren’t you ashamed of the disgrace you have brought upon yourselves? The U.S. is terrified of the Communist and infidel North Korea. Haven’t you heard? If you are not a wolf, even dogs will devour you, to say nothing of the wolves.  


"We will not be able to respond to the U.S. unless we establish a Caliphate, and unless the Caliph puts his finger on a nuclear button, so that when the U.S. threatens him he will be able to say: 'We are prepared to respond with force!'


"Oh, army officers, you have more than enough [force] in Pakistan. You are a nuclear power. Where is your nuclear button, which could liberate Jerusalem, and take revenge for Syria and for all the Muslims who have been wronged?"

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