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Mar 03, 2017
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Theodor Herzl Calculates Jewish Gold as Part of His Schemes (Excerpt from Turkish TV Series "Sultan Abdülhamid")

#6037 | 00:50
Source: TRT TV (Turkey)

The Turkish TV series "Sultan Abdülhamid" focuses on the last Ottoman ruler and his efforts to thwart a seemingly endless line of plots and schemes masterminded by Zionist leader Herzl and a group of multinational co-conspirators. In the second episode, which aired on March 3, Herzl sits with a Jewish femme fatale called Sara and calculates that the wealth of four rich Jewish families "equals half of the world's riches," as Sara encourages his schemes. The series has been airing weekly on the Turkish TRT TV channel.


Sara: What are you doing?


Theodor Herzl: I am calculating the wealth of the rich Jews. There is a lot of money. Check this out: The Rothschild family has 500 million pieces of gold. The Morgan family has 475 million. The Dupont family has 350 million. And the Hirsch family has 325 million. Together, this equals half of the world's riches. But despite all that power, there is no state for the Jews.



Sara: This is sad indeed, but you were elected to fix this, Herzl. If you gather the poor Jews around the world behind you, the rich will follow.


Theodor Herzl: I know.



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