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Jan 31, 2014
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Antisemitic Egyptian Play on TV: Mossad Agents behind Arab Spring

#4153 | 03:28
Source: Al-Hayat (Egypt)

A play titled "The Spy," recently aired on the Egyptian Al-Hayat TV channel, displays antisemitic stereotypes and portrays Mossad officials preparing "for a huge operation of espionage and sowing disunity" which targets the entire Arab world.

Following are excerpts from the play, broadcast on January 31, 2014:

Mossad headquarters, Mossad officials listen to an Israeli child singing Umm Kulthum's Enta Omri. All male Mossad officials are named Binyamin and listed here according to their seating from left to right.

All Mossad officials: How great...

Binyamin I: What's wrong with you, Binyamin?

Binyamin V: Binyamin, why do you cry whenever you hear this song?

Binyamin III: To tell the truth, I don't understand a word of the song.

Binyamin I: Ummu Kulthum's song, Enta Omri, is very beautiful.

Binyamin II: Just beautiful?! That boy Elisha sings it better than Umm Kulthum herself.

Female Mossad official: Binyamin, do you think that the Egyptians stole this tune from us, or vice versa?

Binyamin III: They stole it from us, of course – just like they stole the pyramids and the Sphynx.


Our perspective is a simple and humble one. All we want is to control the whole world. Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!


Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

All Mossad officials break out in dance to the tune of Hava Nagila


Binyamin III: Lady, take your son and go away. We are preparing for a huge operation of espionage and sowing disunity, and we don't want anyone to know anything about it – not its target nor its location.

Mother of Ezra (a would-be Mossad operative): Where will it take place?

Binyamin III: In Egypt, God willing.

Ezra: And what is the target?

Binyamin III: The entire Arab world.


Binyamin IV: I don't understand, Binyamin #5, how come you are accepting this boy back into the Mossad so easily.

Binyamin III: If we don't, he will stand opposite the Mossad headquarters, and throw stones on us. He is mentally retarded.

Binyamin V: You're right, but let's focus on what's important – today begins the most important of the Arab Spring revolutions.

Binyamin I: I've heard that it is still a demonstration. It hasn't transformed into a revolution yet.

Binyamin III: That's why we need to keep an eye on that demonstration.

Binyamin V: Eyes are a thing of the past. Today, we know what is going on from Facebook and Twitter.

Binyamin II: We know everything but the color of their underwear...

They all burst into laughter

Binyamin I: Would you believe that they still have signs on buildings: "Keep Away" and "No Photography"?

They all burst into laughter

Binyamin III: Google Earth gives us all the information we need.


Binyamin IV: The most important thing that we need to know is whether the demonstrations are taking place only in Tahrir Square, or in other places as well.

Binyamin II: Right now, they are only in Tahrir Square, but soon enough, they'll spread all over. After all, the Egyptian people is demanding change...


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