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Feb 11, 2017
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Anti-Shi'ite Diatribe by Egyptian Cleric: "Filthy" Shi'ites Annihilated Millions; Khomeini Had Sex with 5-Year-Old Girl

#5967 | 02:27
Source: Al-Rahma TV (Egypt)

Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi, calling the Shi'ites "criminal Rafidites," said that they annihilated four million Sunnis in Iraq and over half a million in Syria, compared to no more than 50,000 Palestinians killed by the "accursed Jews." He said that Khomeini, whom he called a "wild animal," had sex with a five-year-old girl. "These are filthy people... nothing like the Sunnis," he summed up his tirade, which aired in an Al-Rahma TV interview on February 13.


Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: "I could never imagine that any supposedly human creature could take the form of those criminal Rafidites, Allah's curses upon them all. Allah, amen!






"You may think that they are human beings, but they are not.






"Take the Jews, who have been torturing the Palestinians for 60 years of more. Let's take a look at what is going on in modern days: How many heroic monotheistic mujahideen were killed? How many Palestinian children, men, and women were killed by the accursed Jews? With all due respect, the figure cannot exceed 50,000. If you look at what has been done in just a few years by the criminal Rafidites, may Allah bring shame upon them..."



Host: "Amen."



Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: "They annihilated four million Sunni monotheists in Iraq in just a few years. They have killed more than half a million in Syria, not including the displaced and the people who disappeared. Only God knows the real number.






"Take Khomeini, for example, may Allah destroy any memory of him. Once, he was staying at the home of Sayyid Saheb in Iraq, along with Sayyid Hussein Musawi. Musawi recounted that during dinner, when everybody was happy and all the family was there, a very beautiful girl, less than 5 years old, was playing with them. Khomeini said to Sayyid Saheb: 'I want to enjoy her tonight.' Get it? With the girl! Sayyid Saheb rejoiced: 'What bliss! Our master Khomeini…' May Allah destroy any memory of him. He said to Khomeini: 'No problem, she is yours tonight.' We are talking about a little girl, younger than five years old. Sayyid Hussein Musawi said: 'I could not sleep that night. The girl was screaming all night long.' The man was hurting the girl. He had sex with her while she was screaming. This was a little girl! That shows you that the man was a wild animal.






"In the morning, when Khomeini noticed Musawi's disapproval, he asked him: 'Do you think that this kind of sexual relations is forbidden? It is permitted, even with an infant girl, but in that case you can only rub against her thighs since she is unfit for sex.' I tell you, these are filthy people! They are nothing like the Sunnis."


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