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Feb 03, 2023
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WARNING — GRAPHIC: Anti-Regime Demonstrations In Baluchestan, Iran; Regime Security Opens Fire On Demonstrators, Arrest Citizens, Publicly Flog Man

#10102 | 03:04
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online sources"

This clip is a compilation of footage from Friday demonstrations in Baluchestan on January 27 and February 3, 2023. The videos were posted on posted on Iranian dissident journalist Masih Alinejad's Twitter account and other social media outlets. In the clip, demonstrators can be seen chanting such slogans as "Our tables are empty, Khamenei is a killer," "Death to Khamenei!," "Curse upon Khomeini!" "Death to the Basijis!" "Death to the IRGC!" "I will kill whoever killed my brother!" "Death to the oppressor, whether it is the Shah or the Leader!"

The clip also includes footage from a car driving through a street, where several citizens are seen arrested, some pushed into cars and footage from a demonstration, where security personnel open fire at demonstrators, and victims with gunshot wounds are seen being removed from the area. Another video includes footage from a driving car, in which a man with his hands tied above his head to a lamppost is flogged in front of dozens of bystanders on the curb of a busy street. One of the videos is recorded by a man who says he is in Surjah, Baluchistan. He tells the viewers that they are under siege and that there are close to 1,600 IRGC cars near the village of Suraj, and a helicopter could be seen flying in the sky.

Graffiti: "Death to Khamenei"


Protesters: "Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!


"Death to Khamenei! Death to Khameini!"


Chant leader: "Our tables are empty, Khamenei is a killer!"

Protesters: "Our tables are empty, Khamenei is a killer!"

Chant leader: "Death to Khamenei!"

Protesters: "Death to Khamenei!"

Chant leader: "Curse upon Khomeini!"

Protesters: "Curse upon Khomeini!"

Chant leader: "Death to the Basijis!"

Protesters: "Death to the Basijis!"

Chant leader: "Death to the IRGC!"

Protesters: "Death to the IRGC!"


Man: "Hello friends, this is Surjah [in Baluchestan]. It is completely under siege from all directions. They think they can find something here. There are close to 1600 [IRGC] cars in the vicinity of Surjah village. They are arresting everyone on the spot without exceptions. It is under siege from all four directions."


Chant leader: "Death to Khamenei!"

Protesters: "Death to Khamenei!"

Chant leader: "Shameless Khamenei, congrats on your Fajr [celebrating the Islamic Revolution]!"

Protesters: "Shameless Khamenei, congrats on your Fajr!"

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