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Aug 26, 2016
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Anti-American Propaganda Film Shows Young Iranians Destroy U.S. Aircraft Carriers with Battle Cries

#5645 | 02:39
Source: The Internet
A propaganda film titled "Steadfastness 2" was produced by the Organization of Islamic Information, an office under the supervision of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. According to the pro-Khamenei website Javan, the production of the seven-minute film took two years. It shows the Iranian response to a U.S. attack in the Persian Gulf, with young men brandishing the Iranian flag and and vanquishing the American aircraft carriers with their battle cries. The film drew the ire of a pro-government website, asriran.com, which stated that the storyline was "weak" and that the video-clip was like "a ridiculous Bollywood movie," which, moreover, "ignores Iran's military capabilities." The propaganda film appeared on the Javan website on August 21 and was posted on the Asriran website, along with the criticism, on August 24.

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