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Nov 14, 2004
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Anti-American Demonstration, Amman, Jordan

#380 | 01:24
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

The following are excerpts from an Al-Jazeera TV report of an anti-American demonstration in Amman, Jordan:

News anchor: Holiday prayer in Amman assumed a political qualities that reflected the opposition to the Falluja campaign and solidarity with the Palestinians. Members of the Jordanian trade unions burned the American flag and carried banners against American presence in Iraq. Jordanian trade unions did not let the holiday turn them away from politics. The holiday's events became an opportunity to express solidarity with the people of Falluja. Solidarity included everyone – women, children, and even nursing infants whose mothers brought them at sunrise on the holiday. The children had opinions on the events, just like the adults. The trade unions distributed pictures of the fighters in Falluja and described them as mujahideen, defending the nation's honor.

Hamza Mansour, Director Islamic Action Front: Those who sat silent like grave dwellers, facing the groans of their brothers in faith, in blood, and in destiny in Iraq and Palestine, whose groans are heard even by the deaf and whose torture rocks the heavens.

News anchor: To express their anger at what is happening the demonstrators chose to burn the American flag, which, in their opinion, symbolizes the current problems that tie Iraq to Palestine.

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