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Jan 28, 2023
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American Writer Ron Unz On Iranian TV: Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon Orchestrated 9/11 So The U.S. Will Attack Israel's Enemies; The Mossad Was Probably Behind The Kennedy Assassinations, Planned To Assassinate President George H.W. Bush

#10092 | 03:19
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

American writer Ron Unz said in a January 28, 2023 interview on Channel 4 (Iran) that former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon was the "kind of guy" who was reckless enough to plan the 9/11 attacks in order to cause America to fight the countries and groups that were hostile to Israel. He said that no country benefited from 9/11 more than Israel did and that Israel got away with it because U.S. media and politics are controlled by its supporters. He also claimed that the Mossad was most likely behind the assassinations of JFK and of Robert Kennedy, and that it had even planned to assassinate President George Bush.

The interview is part of a series running on Channel 4 (Iran) four times per week in which Iranian writer and translator Arash Darya-Bandari interviews Western Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists.

Ron Unz: "Ariel Sharon, one of the boldest, most reckless Israeli leaders in history, had come into office by stirring up the second intifada, allowing Sharon to win the election and become Prime Minister. But he then was unsuccessful in suppressing it. Suicide bombings were going on every few days or every week in Israel. I mean, it was really causing more and more Israelis to decide that the country didn't have a future and they had to leave. And many people were planning to relocate to the United States were looking for jobs here.

"That all dramatically changed once the 9/11 attacks took place, because suddenly, America's number one focus became fighting Arab terrorism everywhere in the world.


"America was suddenly joined at the hip with Israel in a battle against all the countries in the Middle East and against all the groups that were hostile to Israel.


"No country in the world has benefitted as much from the 9/11 attacks as the country of Israel.


"Ariel Sharon was an extraordinarily reckless, bold, and daring individual. He many times bet everything on the roll of the dice. He is exactly the sort of individual that would take this dramatic and colossal risk of organizing an attack against the United States in hopes that it would save Israel from what seemed to be an endless sea of local Palestinian terrorism, and would improve Israel's strategic position.

"So, we're talking about plenty of time between when he became Prime Minister. He would have had months to prepare the attacks.


"The result is that America had 20 years of war that followed, and America has been devastated while Israel has benefitted tremendously. The last 20 years have probably been among the best 20 years for Israel economically and strategically, because America destroyed all of Israel's enemies in the Middle East."

 Arash Darya-Bandari: "With the exception of Iran."

Unz: "With the exception of Iran.


"The reason Israel has never been punished is that so much of the American media is so extremely pro-Israel or under pro-Israeli control or influence that almost none of these facts are ever reported in the media, so most Americans are unaware of them. So what we have is basically the American political leadership is very, very nervous about doing anything that will offend the Israeli lobby. And the American media prevents ordinary Americans from hearing about any of these things.


"The Israeli Mossad was probably involved in the Kennedy assassinations. The assassination of Johan F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. So if you can get away with assassinating the President of the United States, and then possibly planning the assassination of another president — George H.W. Bush — if you get away with that for decades, at some point something like the 9/11 attacks might, for a reckless leader like Ariel Sharon, become a very real possibility."

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