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Jan 01, 2023
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American Writer E. Michael Jones On Iranian TV: The Jews Are The Enemies Of Humanity; The Holocaust Narrative Is The Fundamental Myth Of The American Empire; Abortion Is A 'Jewish Sacrament'

#10029 | 03:51
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

American writer E. Michael Jones said in an interview aired on January 1-2, 2023 on Channel 4 (Iran) that the most "fundamental" problem in American politics is Jewish "control" over the government and foreign policy. He said former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are controlled by the Jews and by Jewish money, and that the "Holocaust narrative" is the "fundamental myth of the American empire." He also said that the "Jewish revolutionary spirit" of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland is the reason that the U.S. has been "provoking" the war in Ukraine, and he said that both of them are viewed as "always right" because they supposedly had relatives who died in the Holocaust.

Jones said that Paul the Apostle had far preceded Hitler in saying that the Jews are the enemies of the "entire human race", and he claimed that the Jews have caused the birth rate in Germany to "collapse" by implementing "ruthless forms of social engineering" as revenge against the Germans after World War II. He also said that in the United States, the Jews and the Protestants promote "covert warfare" by means of "population control" against the Catholics. He added that abortion is a "Jewish sacrament" and that since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Jews have been saying that abortion is a "fundamental" religious value for them.

E. Michael Jones: "And with the birthright collapses, that's the end of your country, that's the end of the workforce, that's the end of the world for your people. And this is a problem that's facing the West


"And that was part of the social engineering that got imposed on Germany after World War II because it was a congregation and because the Jews were looking for revenge and the government provided them an option by allowing them ruthless forms of social engineering.


"This is warfare! Population control is warfare! It's covert warfare! In the United States, it was covert warfare where the Jews and the Protestants united against the Catholics and promoted birth control first, and then the Jewish sacrament arrived, which is abortion. Only now is it coming out with the possibility that Roe vs. Wade, the abortion decision, may be overturned. The Jews are now coming out and saying abortion is a fundamental value and if you prevent us from having abortion, you will prevent us from keeping our religion.


"The Holocaust narrative is the fundamental myth of the American empire. That is why the Americans are good people. That's why you should simply roll over and play dead whenever the Americans show up."


Interviewer: "Let me get your opinion on what's going on with Ukraine."


Jones: "You can't reason with Anthony Blinken, you can't reason with Victoria Nuland. They have relatives who died in the Holocaust, and they're always right. And so they had this messianic attitude, the Jewish revolutionary spirit, and they provoked the war... That's what caused the war.


"There wouldn't be a war if Donald Trump were in power, but Donald Trump is controlled by the Jews as well. So this is the fundamental problem of American foreign policy or American government; do we have representative government? I think the answer is no. We have one dollar, one vote. The money rules the government, and the money is controlled by Jews and they are the ones who determine the basic policies of the United States of America and that's why we're at war with Iran. This is not in the interest of the American people; this is in the interest of Israel."


Interviewer: "But what about the elections? I mean is Trump going to be back for 2024?


"What does it even matter if...either way, in terms of foreign policy anyway, there's going to be the neo-cons that are going to be calling the shots anyways. You know, it's like the pax Judaica rather than the pax Americana.

Jones: "I know, that's the problem. So the guy I mentioned as the great white hope right now, if you use that term, is Government Desantis of Florida. Well he's every bit in bed with the Jews as Trump was, so what are you going to do? You're right, that's the fundamental problem of American politics right now... It's the Jewish control of the government.


"And the Vatican council played a crucial role in the collapse of the policing of Hollywood because they did a document on the Jews. It's a Holocaust narrative I've already mentioned, which got internalized in the church, and basically the Jews were no longer enemies, which is the way they are certainly portrayed in the gospel. They are enemies of the entire human race. That's what St. Paul said. Or was it Adolf Hitler or St. Paul?


"I'm praying for the peaceful end of the American empire. That's what needs to happen. God is going to bring this about because no empire lasts forever."

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