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Jan 21, 2023
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American Writer E. Michael Jones On Iranian TV: Hollywood Created The Holocaust Narrative; Jews Were Not Gassed In Showers — These Jews Had Never Seen A Shower And Didn't Know What It Was; Auschwitz Had A Swimming Pool And Other Means To Make Life Better

#10080 | 04:47
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

American writer E. Michael Jones said in an interview that was aired on Channel 4 (Iran) on January 21-22, 2023 that the narrative that the Jews were gassed in the Holocaust is a "conflation" of facts. He explained that in reality, the typhus-infested Jews who emigrated from "unhygienic" shtetls in Eastern Europe to America through Germany "had no idea what a shower was" and were made to take a shower and had their clothes deloused with Zyklon-B. He elaborated that as a consequence, Zyklon-B has been conflated with showers by the Jews. He said that Auschwitz had amenities such as a swimming pool, and that Hollywood is the "regime that rules America" and sustains the Holocaust "narrative". He also said that saying the word "Jew" is taboo in America, but that this taboo is now being broken, and that the overturning of Roe vs. Wade is the beginning of the end of Jewish "hegemony" over American culture. He also said that the "fundamental problem" with American politics is that the Jews control both political parties.

The interview is part of a series running on Channel 4 (Iran) four times per week in which Iranian-American writer and translator Arash Darya-Bandari (also known as Blake Archer Williams) interviews Western Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists.

Arash Darya-Bandari: "The official narrative states that [unintelligible] were gassed to death in death camps, in an intentional program of the Nazi state. To the best of your knowledge, what actually happened?"

E. Michael Jones: "All of these tropes that got used as part of the Holocaust narrative had all come into existence before the war, and considerable farther before the war.


"This is a memoir that was written by a Jewish woman who was part of that migration around 1910, must have been around 1910, probably the high point of Jewish migration to New York. Anyway, she reported that as soon as they crossed from the shtetl, from Russia, Polish territory into German territory, they were immediately taken off the trains, they were stripped of their clothing, they were put in showers, and their clothing was deloused with Zyklon B. Then they were put back on the trains and then sent off, and then they went off to Europe and to America.

"We're talking about a meeting here between a group of people, the Jews, who were living in shtetls where the hygienic situation was still in the Middle Ages. Nothing had changed from this period of time. They were infested with lice, and because they were infested with lice, they were carriers of typhus. And a lot of them wouldn't get sick. They had an immunity to typhus, like typhoid Mary in Chicago, and they could spread the disease without getting sick from it. So wherever they showed up, there were typhus outbreaks.


"The shower narrative and the Zyklon B disinfecting the clothing narrative got conflated to basically the showerheads have gas coming out. These Jews had never seen a shower. They didn't know what it was.


"They had a swimming pool. They had all sorts of things that tried to make life better so that these workers would be more productive. Auschwitz was a camp where people were made to work."


Darya-Bandari: "Help me understand how this narrative continues to be sustained and is so resistant to being debunked."

Jones: "Well, because... Have you ever heard of Hollywood? Well, Hollywood is the propaganda ministry for the regime that rules America right now.


"So when Eisenhauer shows up at a camp called Ohrdruf, which nobody knows about, it's near Buchenwald. At this point, Eisenhauer has his own baggage, okay? He has been involved in war crimes.


"So what they do is they create this exhibition at Buchenwald, which is right down the road from Ohrdruf, this is where C.D. Jackson stands behind a table — they got Hollywood involved. Billy Wilder is doing the filming. Billy Wilder is a director, Shmuel Wilder, he's a Jew from Eastern Europe. So Billy Wilder is here, filming a production where they march about 2000 people out from Weimar, which is near Buchenwald.


"Alfred Hitchcock did the same thing for the British. He did it with regard to Bergen-Belsen.


"The whole point of the Holocaust narrative is to erase any guilt that the allies had during the World War by committing war crimes.


"We have to break the Jew taboo. What I think is happening now, with the overturn of Roe v. Wade, is we're beginning to see the overturn of Jewish hegemony over our culture."

Darya-Bandari: "Do you really see cracks appearing in the behemoth of Jewish power? Or was that just a figure of speech?"

Jones: "There is a feeling among the Jews that certain Jews have gone too far, and there is going to be a backlash against all Jews.


"Polite people don't say the word 'Jew' in America. That taboo has existed for a long time, but I think it is now being broken.


"What happens when you have some type of opposition to the regime which is basically Jewish control of your culture? They are immediately called antisemites. And as soon as you call [someone an] antisemite, that's the end of that situation. We saw the same thing... This shows you how pervasive the Holocaust narrative is as a form of social control.


"This is the fundamental problem with American politics. No matter who you elect, they get controlled by the Jews. You have enough Jews in the Biden administration to have a minyan. So no matter what party you elect, it is always going to be some sort of Jewish control. And until we articulate that, it's not going to change."

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