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Nov 04, 2020
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Texas-Based Islamic Scholar Yasir Qadhi: No Reputable Scholar Allows For Vigilante Justice; Death For Blasphemy Only In The Land of Islam And Only After Due Process; MEMRI Is A Hate Group That Finds Obscure And Unknown Scholars And Presents Their Views As Mainstream Islam

#8433 | 02:08

In a lecture at the East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC) in Plano, Texas that was uploaded to YouTube on November 4, 2020, American Islamic scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi discussed responses by Islamic scholars to the recent beheading of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty. He said that no reputable scholar would permit vigilante attacks such as the murder of Paty, and he stated that a death sentence for a blasphemer could only be carried out by an Islamic court in Islamic land. Sheikh Qadhi said that MEMRI, which he described as an Islamophobic hate group, finds obscure and unknown Islamic scholars who support such acts and presents their views as mainstream Islam. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi has studied at the University of Houston, at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, and at Yale University. For more about Dr. Yasir Qadhi, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 8401, No. 7640, and No. 7451. The video was uploaded to EPIC's YouTube channel, as well as to Sheikh Qadhi's.

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi: "Even in the lands of Islam, you don't have the right to act as judge, jury, executioner. You cannot enact vigilante justice, even in the lands of Islam. It is not something that is allowed. How much more so then, in the lands that are not the lands of Islam. When we are a minority, there is simply no argument to be made that this is something that would be allowed, even if the punishment for blasphemy might be death in most of the type of fiqh, that is a type of ruling that will only apply in the lands of Islam after a judge, after a trial, after all of this has taken place. And then, if that law is still being implemented in that land, indeed the classical ulama would say that the punishment for blasphemy is indeed death.

"That punishment cannot and should not ever be done by an individual, even in the lands of Islam. How much more so when the lands are not the lands of Islam. Alhamdulillah, no reputable scholar of any lands has allowed this type of vigilante justice.

"Yes, there are some, you know, clerics, that this group MEMRI and others find their clips, and they've tried to broadcast them. But these are unknown people until MEMRI discovers them. MEMRI is a very Islamophobic, far-right group - hate group, really, that wants to spread hatred of the religion. And they find these clips from people that are totally obscure and unknown, and they present them as mainstream Islam.

"Other than that, generally speaking, no reputable cleric has come forth with a fatwa that allows an individual Muslim to attack someone who blasphemes in the lands that are outside the lands of Islam."

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