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Apr 29, 2022
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Lawyer Lamis Deek At NYC Quds Day Rally: The War For The Liberation Of Palestine Is Coming; Hamas, PIJ, PFLP, IRGC's Quds Force Are Fighting To Protect The Entire World From Israel

#9534 | 02:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Joe Friendly on YouTube"

On April 29, a video was uploaded to the Joe Friendly YouTube channel of the Al-Quds Day rally held in New York City. In the video, American human rights lawyer Lamis Deek, who states on her website (Lamisdeeklaw. com, accessed May 4, 2022) that she is a Board Member and Legal Committee Advisor of the New York branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY), said that all Palestinians are freedom fighters and that the "resistance" axis consisting of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the PFLF, the IRGC's Quds Force, and similar organizations is fighting not only for the liberation of Palestine, but for the protection of all people who suffer from the "global threat" posed by Israel. She added that Israel is a "mobilizer" of an oppressive global "machine" and that the "war of liberation" is coming. Calling for the dismantlement of Zionist "settler groups that are mobilizing war crimes in Palestine" and for the confrontation of "war corporations," she said that no safe haven should be left for those who "seek to revive apartheid," and lead the crowd in chanting: "Free Palestine! No justice, no peace!" Within Our Lifetime activist Nerdeen Qisawani also led the crowd in the chant: "Palestine will be free by any means necessary!" For more about Nerdeen Qiswani, see MEMRITV clips Nos. 9471, 9014, 8932, 8113, 7628, 6311, 6100, and 5560. For more about Lamis Deek, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 3430.

Nerdeen Qiswani: "Palestine will be free."

Crowd: "Palestine will be free."

Qiswani: "By any means necessary."

Crowd: "By any means necessary."

Lamis Deek: "We declare unequivocally that all Palestinians are freedom fighters. That those who fight for justice and the other like Hamas, like Jabhat, like Islamic Jihad, like Iranian Al-Quds Forces, like the PFLP, are all freedom fighters who fight not just for the defense and liberation of Palestine, they fight for the safety and the protection of all people to whom Israel, is apartheid is a global threat.

"To whom Israel as the mobilizer of the world global machine, from Sudan to Guatemala, where they have killed tens of thousands of people, is a global threat. That our resistance serves not just themselves and Palestinians but serves the world.


"But the war has escalated. The war of liberation is coming. Palestinians inside Palestine, Palestinians you see here, are facing a new and renewed threat to our daily lives and this requires that our allies on the streets of New York stop, confront, expose and demand the dismantlement of Zionist settler groups that are mobilizing war crimes in Palestine.

"That we escalate our direct action against this corridor of war crimes. That we escalate our direct action at our campuses and against war corporations. That we expose and leave no enclave safe for the oppressors who seek to expand and revive apartheid.

"Free free Palestine"

Crowd: "Free free Palestine"

Deek: "No justice."

Crowd: "Free."

Deek: "No justice."

Crowd: "Free."

Deek: "No justice."

Crowd: "Free."

Deek: "Israel out of the Middle East."

Crowd: "Israel out of the Middle East."

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