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May 19, 2023
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American Islamic Scholar Shadee Elmasry: The Muslims' Alliance With The Left Is A Mistake; If A Liberal Army Were To Liberate Gaza, We Would Be Trading One Problem For Another; The Right At Least Believes In Objective Truth

#10359 | 05:38

American Islamic scholar Shadee Elmasry of the New Brunswick Islamic Center in New Jersey said in an episode of the "Blood Brothers" show that was posted on the 5Pillars YouTube account on June 7, 2023 that Muslims made a mistake by aligning with the political Left because their beliefs contradict Islam and will inevitably lead to "utter war". Elmasry said that if a liberal army were to liberate Gaza, it would be "trading one problem for another" because the Muslims would then have to "tiptoe" in accordance with the liberal agenda. He said that the Left wants to kill the Islamic faith, that if the political right had wanted to exterminate the Muslims it already would have, and that the Right is better suited for an alliance with Islam because they at least believe in objective truth. In addition, Elmasry said that the true interfaith initiative is to explain to Christians that they are wrong. The 5Pillars channel is a U.K.-based Islamic media platform.

In a May 19, 2023 video posted to the Utica Masjid YouTube account, Elmasry also said that once the Left gets over the Muslims' "minority badge", it will "hunt them down" faster than it hunts down Christianity.

Interviewer: "There has been some accusations levied, that you know, quite frankly, we made the mistake – by 'we', I mean the Muslim community and our faith leaders – made a gamble allying in with the left. Do you agree with the observation?"

Shadee Elmasry: "Yeah the observation is sound, and deciding that yeah the left is the one that is going to help us, right? They may have helped you in some fringe things, but the root of the matter is that their philosophy's rooted in their desires. Eventually you are going to cross paths, you have to cross paths with them eventually. But when you do cross paths with them, it's utter war, right? So, why go into that conflict in the beginning? Cut it from the beginning."


Interviewer: "The left seemed, or appeared to be, and some would argue still are, more plausible natural allies because they don't want to kill you, they don't want to exterminate you..."

Elmasry: "But they do want to kill your faith."

Interviewer: "But they don't want to physically kill you and exterminate you."

Elmasry: "Okay, fair enough."

Interviewer: "Now whether we have a generation of apostates or not is another conversation, right? Because the other argument is that the right want to kill, they literally want to exterminate you."

Elmasry: "Is that really true?"

Interviewer: "I don't think it is."

Elmasry: "They may have a lot of hatred but there are Muslims in Alabama, there are Muslims in Texas, there are Muslims in those places. Wouldn't it have happened already? Wouldn't some violence have already happened?


"I think that we eventually will come to an agreement, personally speaking, because these are people who believe in an objective truth, right? And they believe in right and wrong, so we already have something in common."

Interviewer: "You are talking about what's generally perceived as the right."


Elmasry: "But I wouldn't get too cozy with anyone who I know, in the future, we are going to cross paths. So what? Do I have to not speak out against atheism now? I can't speak out against anything? I have to censor myself too much. It's not a good deal.


"If a liberal army marched on Israel and said: 'We are liberating Gaza, we are making Gaza a state.' I would say we are just trading one problem for another. We are just trading one problem for another because when those people liberate you, you owe them now, right? I don't want you liberating me, I will liberate myself. Because if you liberate me, now I owe you. Now I have to tiptoe with your agenda.


"But the idea here that we want to harmoniously – that's why I don't like interfaith – it cancels doubt in a sense. If I am going to be all fuzzy wuzzy with you as a priest... but the truth is I want to give you doubt. I need to tell you that you are wrong about Jesus."

Interviewer: "And is that the only interfaith that Islam acknowledges, where we convey the theme to them? I mean let's be honest about it. Interfaith [dialogue], from a Quranic perspective, even when Allah tells us to come to a common word with the Christians, is to nearly always tell them that they've got it wrong and to worship Allah alone, right?

Elmasry: "Correct, you're undermining doubt by a lot of those types of interfaith."


Interviewer: "We're assuming that they're going to do some kind of favor for us down the road or they're going to protect our rights. If they come into power, it's game over. They are the last people who are going to care about our rights to have a legal marriage, or a religious marriage, or to have this or that or the other. The last people who are going to care."

Elmasry: "And they're going to delete us. They will delete. And why? Because they have done it before. Let me ask you, how many times have Christians backspaced other cultures and other religions? Let's see... If something's going to happen, it's not going to happen just like that. You would have muqaddimah [a prologue]. Like, you're not going to win at the major league level unless you first succeeded at the minor league level, then single A, double A, triple A, majors, right? You don't just come out of nowhere.

"Who, which group of people has silenced people, got them fired, ended their careers, controlled industries? Which group of people? And I am not saying the right is our friend, but who has done it? I think that the left has done it far more times, just from my casual observation. Ending careers, controlling industries, on this subject, where it comes to an intersection of this subject, canceling people.


"Muslims still have the minority badge."

Interviewer: "Yeah"

Elmasry: "So they tiptoe around Muslims a little bit, right? Because they still got the minority badge in many ways. We have refugees, we have darker skin colors, generally speaking, and Islam is like a minority thing in itself. Get past all that stuff, right, they are going to hunt it down faster than they hunted down Christianity, right?"

Interviewer: "And we've seen it."

Elmasry: "It's going to be a very interesting future as they obtain more power."

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