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May 31, 2020
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American Islamic Scholar Najeeb 'Al-Anjelesi': Muslims Should Not Participate In Riots Following The Death Of George Floyd; It Is Forbidden To Redress Oppression With Oppression

#8043 | 02:16
Source: The Internet - "Pure Islaam on Facebook"

On May 31, 2020, American Islamic scholar Najeeb "Al-Anjelesi," who is originally from Los Angeles, posted a video on the Pure Islaam Youtube channel as well as his Facebook page addressing the protests in the U.S. following the death of George Floyd. Al-Anjelesi, who had been teaching Islam in Montgomery, Alabama, as late as 2017, said that the riots in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere in the United States are considered strife, chaos, and corruption according to Islam, and that participating in these riots is forbidden according to Islamic texts. He said that the killing of George Floyd by police officers was undoubtedly an act of oppression, but that these riots are also forms of oppression. Adding that one cannot "redress oppression with oppression," Al-Anjelesi said that when a Muslim imitates the "stupidity" of the infidels, it will lead to his failure.

Najeeb 'Al-Anjelesi': "The Muslim that is participating in the disorder, the strife, and the chaos that is currently afflicting the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota - and in other places - for the Muslim that participates in this, [it means] that he imitates the hypocrites.


"That which we see occurring in the States, today, from what originated in Minneapolis and has now taken shape in other places, New York, Chicago, and even back home in Los Angeles - as I was talking to one of the brothers in LA earlier today - this is without a doubt considered to be strife and chaos.


"This, oh servant of Allah, is not befitting for a Muslim to participate in, while knowing that it is - within Islamic legislation - considered corruption.


"There is no doubt that the actions of these police officers against George Floyd, without a doubt it is oppression. Nobody is arguing that. It was oppression and it was going beyond bounds. However, the oppression of these particular police officers does not now justify - in Islamic texts - the redressing or the combating of that oppression with oppression. [...]

"These types of actions that the people are participating in are considered prohibited within the text.


"Imitating the infidels and their stupidity can and always will be a means to the failure of the Muslim."

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