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Jul 03, 2021
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American Islamic Scholar Omar Baloch On San Francisco Shoplifting Surge: In Islam, It Is Permissible To Steal For Survival – Only White-Collar Crimes Are Punishable By Chopping Off The Culprit's Hands; The Elite Is Trying To Create Chaos In The U.S. In Order To Drive Jews To Israel

#8966 | 01:53
Source: Online Platforms - "Omar Baloch on YouTube"

American Islamic Scholar Omar Baloch said that in Islam it is permissible to steal for survival, however, the punishment for white-collar crimes, stealing a lot of money, is to chop off the culprit's hands. He made his remarks in a video titled: "San Francisco Goes into Chaos, Shoplifting & Shariah Law," which was posted on his YouTube channel on July 3, 2021. Baloch went on to say that the "elite" seeks to sow racism and break down American society so the Jews will leave the U.S. for Israel. He further said that Muslims in America could be harbingers, who see through this façade and that Muslims who live in Muslim countries should realize "that what they have is much better than this." Baloch, a Chicago native, initiated an interfaith gathering in honor of the victims of the Christchuch, New Zealand mosque shootings. For more from Sheikh Omar Baloch's YouTube channel, see MEMRI TV Clips nos. 8215, 7989, 7656, and 7053.

Omar Baloch: "In the shari'a, in Islamic law, if someone has to steal, then he can steal for survival, up to the value of one egg.


"As you know, in Islam, if you do white collar crime, and you start stealing large amounts of money... The [punishment for this] crime, in Islam, is to cut off the hands. 'As for male and female thieves, cut off their hands.' Cut off their hands from the joint. Why? Because the benefit versus the risk. You cut off a few people's hands in your community, people are going to think ten times before stealing.


"It [the elite] creates racism. It creates local hatred. [It seeks to] break down the society, break down America, to the point that all the Jews will want to leave and go to Israel. And that is only one of the agendas, of course. They have to bring down this country, to get all the Jews to go to Israel, and in the meantime, cause chaos in America. That is the agenda of the elite. The agenda of the elite is to leave no group trusting another group. It is so unfortunate, because we, as Muslims, could be the harbingers that see through this facade.


"Muslims in Muslim countries need to wake up and smell the coffee. They need to realize that what they have is much better than this."

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