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Mar 08, 2019
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American Imam John Yahya Ederer in Charlotte, NC Sermon: “Being a Billionaire Is a Crime” According to the Quran (Archival)

#7817 | 01:20
Source: The Internet

American Imam John Yahya Ederer said in a Friday, March 8, 2019 sermon at the Muslim Community Center in Charlotte, NC that being a billionaire is a crime, that this statement is supported by the Quran, and that people are brainwashed by the capitalist system to think that such a statement is extreme or radical. He said that the only reason there is widespread poverty in the world is because of some "very greedy people" who worship money, that CEOs and billionaires are working together to make sure that people have a difficult life no matter how hard they work.

Imam John Yahya Ederer: "Being a billionaire is a crime! Now, you have all been brainwashed by many methods and means of the capitalist system to think what I said is some radical, extreme thing.


"This is not politics. This is not a political movement. It is not progressive, it is not conservative – It is Quran!


"There is absolutely no reason why poverty should be so widespread and why people should be living in such a way in the world. It was designed by very greedy people. Quit listening to these nonsense Youtube Illuminati Satan-worshippers. These people worship money and they are a club. It is about corporate power, interest, and money. It is not some crazy devil-worshipping secret society. They are a very well-known society. They are the CEOs and the billionaires of the world. And they are all working together to make sure we are stuck with a very difficult life, no matter how hard we work and no matter what education we get."

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