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Sep 29, 2010
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American Al-Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn Blasts Governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan for Flood Response

#2621 | 07:34
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a video featuring American Al-Qaeda operative Adam Gadahn, which aired on the Internet on September 29, 2010:

Adam Gadahn: Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere, peace be upon you. This year, millions of Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and neighboring countries are spending Ramadhan as homeless or displaced refugees. Some of them are refugees due to the devastating floods resulting from the extraordinarily heavy monsoon rains, while others are refugees from the military operations launched by the Crusader army and its helpers and proxies throughout the region.

On behalf of my brothers, the mujahideen, I express my condolences to the families of all Muslims killed in both the floods and the military operations, and I ask Allah to have mercy on their loved ones and accept them as martyrs. I ask Allah, the one and only answerer of prayers, to swiftly relieve the suffering of the homeless, needy, and deprived and to provide them with food, clothing and shelter soon. Amen, Lord of the Universe.

Such life-changing events, while tragic, are also opportunities sent by Allah for us to take stock of our situation and see what in ourselves and our societies might be in need of reform. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are a lot of things which must be changed, not least of which is the way our countries are governed. Many of the victims of the floods have expressed dismay and disgust at the sluggish and half-hearted response of the regimes in Islamabad and Kabul to the disaster, noting, in particular, the slow arrival of aid in the afflicted areas, many of which were, only months ago, overrun by tens of thousands of air-dropped soldiers and pieces of heavy equipment, in a matter of hours and in spite of harsh weather conditions, back when the objective was not saving lives but taking them, in the framework of America’s war on so-called terror.

Perhaps the reason for this discrepancy in speed of deployment and willingness to deploy is that then, international aid money was in the hundreds of millions of dollars, or even billions, whereas now, it’s only in the tens of millions. This is not only an indictment of the corrupt governments and armies of the region, who live, work, and die for bribes. It is also a stark demonstration of where the priorities of international donors really lie. In any case, we should be in no doubt that even the ridiculously small amount of international money, sent in the name of flood victim relief, will go straight into the secret personal accounts of the generals and politicians in Islamabad and Kabul, just like previous aid money.

The less-than-satisfactory local and international response to the floods is the only thing one can logically expect from people who have consistently shown little regard for Muslim lives and have not hesitated to bomb and destroy countless mosques, schools, markets, and homes in Afghanistan, Balochistan, the Pashtun areas of Pakistan, and even in its federal capital Islamabad – all in the name of fighting terrorism and militancy.

The Pakistan army’s brutal rape and murder of Muslim Bangladeshis before their independence is only the first and most famous in a long series of crimes this army has committed against its own Muslim citizens, under the pretext of preserving national unity and enforcing the writ of a virtually non-existent government.

The fact is that while the generals, politicians, and puppets, try to hide their war crimes from public view, they have done little to hide their indifference to the suffering of the flood- and war-ravaged people they claim to represent and serve. Leaders of other nations have been known to cancel trips or cut them short due to crises much less serious than this year’s floods, but in Pakistan, the president and his entourage of federal ministers insisted on taking an easily postponed, all expenses paid, pleasure trip to Europe, without a thought for good taste or popular opinion, secure in the knowledge that the next election can be as easily rigged as the one that brought them to power in the first place.

Meanwhile, in Crusader-occupied Afghanistan, the purportedly elected puppet-in-chief Karzai demonstrated more concern for the safety and well-being of the handful of traitors whose identities were revealed in the leaked American war documents than he did for the thousands of Afghan Muslims, whose homes, lives, and livelihoods were destroyed by heavy rains and American bombs.

My Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Balochistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, India, and the region – the criminals in power in the region’s capitals are neither there to serve you nor to serve Islam. They are only there to serve the Crusader Zionist and Hindu occupation and subjugation of the Muslim nation and to fulfill their own desires and their endless greed for more embezzled public funds and aid money. That’s why they must go!

The only way to get rid of them and put an end to the vicious circle of rigged elections and military coups is by supporting your brothers, the sincere and truthful mujahideen of Islam, until victory is achieved over the Crusaders and their proxies and a true Islamic state is established, uniting the Muslims of the region and world in peace, prosperity, and security, Allah willing. So put your hands in the hands of the sincere and truthful mujahideen, who have only left their homes and families in order to defend, protect, and serve oppressed, defenseless, and neglected Muslims, like you! This is the path we have chosen, and this is the path we will complete, Allah willing, whatever the obstacles, whatever the difficulties, and whatever the price. Peace be upon you.

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