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Jan 14, 2023
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American Activist Alison Weir On Iranian TV: The U.S. Jewish Establishment Is Pushing For War With Iran, Which Has Done Nothing Against America

#10063 | 02:49
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

American activist Alison Weir said in an interview with Channel 4 (Iran) that aired on January 14, 2023 that the "the Jewish establishment" in the United States is behind the wars against Iraq and Iran. She said that the Zionist lobby pays congressmen to support Israel, and that these congressmen comply in order to get elected even though they know what they’re doing is wrong.

Alison Weir: "The way Zionists work in terms of U.S. policies, it is very simple. You know, a congressman has to raise a lot of money, especially in the House of Representatives, they have an election every two years, and it's very, very expensive. So they will basically have to pander to whoever is going to give them money. And the people who give them the most money are Zionists. So, they give money to both parties. Very quickly the people in Congress become aware of that, so they realize — either they'll get the money or their opponent will get the money. So they support Israel for that reason.


"So that is how you control Congress, through the power of a very, very rich population.


"So over half [of Congress] know what they're doing is wrong, but they feel that they have to do it, to get elected.


"One of the worst things that Israel-partisans have done, I feel, is push the U.S. into these massively tragic, destructive wars on behalf of Israel, as part of its control of the region. From the beginning of its existence, Israel realized: 'Wait, we have to prevent anybody in the region from becoming powerful enough, or just successful enough to challenge our domination and to support the Palestinian refugees in their midst, in many cases. So that was their plan.

"And most recently, they got the U.S., and the embedded Zionists in the Pentagon and the U.S. government [to] push the U.S. to attack Iraq.


"Now the same people, have for many years, been trying to push the hostility against Iran to get the U.S. to damage Iran, which they have already succeeded in doing, in terms of the sanctions on Iran, that are highly inappropriate and really are tantamount to an act of war against Iran, a country that has done nothing against the United States.


"The hard-core ones don't even want the agreement with Iran, and the soft-core ones are for the agreement because it actually supports Israel. So they control both sides of the discussion on Iran.


"The sad fact is that the Jewish establishment in the United States supports Israel, and is pushing the wars against Iraq and Iran."

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