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Jan 03, 2023
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American Academic Dr. Kevin Barrett On Iranian TV: U.S. Media Is Dominated By Jews Who Suppress The Truth About Israel's Role In 9/11, Kennedy Assassinations; America Provoked Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine, Like It Provoked Pearl Harbor

#10041 | 02:59
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

Muslim-American academic Dr. Kevin Barrett said in a January 3, 2022 interview on Channel 4 (Iran) that the media in the United States is dominated by people from an "ethnic Jewish background", and that it suppresses the "truth" about Israel's role in 9/11. He said that Israel "blew up" the World Trade Center in order to "trick the U.S." into a war with Israel's enemies, that it is "very likely" that Israel is behind the Kennedy assassinations. In addition, Dr. Barrett said that NATO and the Americans provoked Russia into attacking Ukraine, much like the U.S. had intentionally provoked Japan to attack Pearl Harbor during WWII in order to change the American people's anti-war sentiments. For more about Dr. Keven Barrett, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 7938, 7474, and 4220.

Dr. Kevin Barrett: "The people who are aware of Zionist influence on U.S. policy are growing, both in numbers and in anger. But of course, this is still a relatively small portion of the population, because the American media is dominated by people who are coming out of ethnic Jewish backgrounds, and the vast majority of the most powerful and most wealthy of those people who dominate the media, who happen to be Jewish — at least ethnically, they're not very religious, mostly — those people, psychologically, I think, are unable to really break with a sort of atavistic tendency to spin things in favor of Israel. No matter what the Zionists do, the media is just not interested in exposing it, especially if it's really embarrassing.

"I think Jewish people are brought up to believe that the goys, the non-Jewish people, are very dangerous and hate them and might want to exterminate them. And so even liberal, kind Jewish people, there are a lot of good ones, a lot of good Jewish people, that are honestly terrified of what might happen if the truth about 9/11 came out.


"Israel was likely very involved in murdering the Kennedys, in blowing up the twin towers on 9/11, in order to trick the U.S. into a war that would kill millions and really harm U.S. interests by destroying Israel's enemies.


"I think NATO really is the main instigator of this war. NATO did everything they could to provoke it. It's a little bit like what happened with Pearl Harbor, in World War II.


"They did a whole list of these acts of war that were designed to force Japan to strike, and then they intercepted the codes and they knew where Japan was going to strike, and they let it happen, in order to make sure that enough Americans were killed and enough old useless mothball battleships were taken out while they got the aircraft carriers out to sea that it would turn around American anti-war sentiment.


"Of course, 45% of Ukrainian people are Russian-speaking. So essentially, these diabolical American mind-control intelligence people brainwashed the 55% of Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians to hate the 45% of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. And all this was designed to create exactly the situation that we see today. So yeah, I put most of the blame for this situation on NATO, and I see what Russia is doing as largely inevitable."

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