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Jan 13, 2023
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Ambassador Ezzat Saad, Executive Director Of Egyptian Council For Foreign Affairs: The Arab Countries Categorically Reject Taiwan Independence, Support The One-China Principle

#10081 | 01:53
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Ambassador Ezzat Saad, the Executive Director of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, said in a January 13, 2023 interview on CGTN Network (China) that at the recent China-GCC summit in Riyadh, the Arab countries reiterated that they categorically reject Taiwan independence and support the One China principle. He also said that this is a main point in Arab-China relations.

Ezzat Saad: "All the Arab countries acknowledged, or reiterated, [their support] for One-China principle, and that the Taiwan Province is, ultimately, a Chinese province. This has been [our] commitment since the beginning of Chinese-Arab relations – from Egypt to the rest of [our] Arab partners. The Riyadh Declaration at the end of the China-Arab Summit made sure to emphasize and highlight this principle. The Declaration stated that the Arab countries categorically reject the so-called Taiwan independence, in any way, shape, or form. I think that the statements at the China-Gulf summit and the China-KSA summit emphasized this One-China principle. It is one of the main principles, which govern China's relationship with the Arab countries, and vice versa. There is no controversy about this. We always emphasize this, in the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, in the United Nations, and in any other multilateral forum."

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