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Feb 03, 2005
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Ali Larijani, Khamemei's Representative at the Iranian Security Council: Suspension of Uranium Enrichment Is Like Denying Iran Nuclear Technology

#526 | 03:01
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with 'Ali Larijani, representative of Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei in Iran's Supreme National Security Council; Channel 2, Iranian TV aired this interview in Farsi on February 3, 2005:

'Ali Larijani: This [American] pressure is not real pressure. So what is it? Psychological warfare. What is it for? There are a few possibilities: There is the nuclear issue--the same old 'carrot and stick' policy, evident in the European context as well-- its purpose is to create international pressure in order to impose their will on Iran.

Although the Americans repeat the term 'freedom' time and again, it is quite clear that they do not behave or think this way. What is their main objective? I believe that by means of the globalization theory they want to decide for the entire world. They use the globalization theory to classify the world's countries - some as class A countries, and others as marginal ones. The class A countries should have advanced technology, while the marginal countries should manufacture tomato paste and air conditioners. Nuclear technology is important to them for another reason: Iran will join the nuclear countries. They don't want to allow this.

This is why if you... Today they talk about an atomic bomb. If Iran wants to enter the fields of bio-technology or nano-technology tomorrow, the same excuses would be brought up. They don't want the Iranian people to rise above the level of a marginal country. Therefore, they will insist on this.

For them, the issue of freedom is always the means, never the end. They are looking out for their own interests. For instance, was there ever freedom in Saudi Arabia? Is there freedom in the Persian Gulf countries?

Interviewer: He [Bush] is attacking Saudi Arabia and Egypt now.

'Ali Larijani: No.. not attacking...

Interviewer: At any rate, they must lead reforms...

'Ali Larijani: All the years that [the Americans] had relations with these countries, did they hold elections? Which of these countries held elections? They brought up this issue now, because they simply have no choice. One cannot present a theory which excludes these countries.

The Europeans and Americans have a common strategy - that Iran shouldn't have a nuclear fuel cycle - but they differ their tactics. As for the possibility of a five-year suspension of enrichment - this is one of the jokes of our times. From Iran's point of view, it's like not having any nuclear technology. The success of the negotiations [with the Europeans] depends upon Iran's having a nuclear fuel cycle. Otherwise, there is no reason to continue in this path.

As for the aggressive statements made [against Iran], I believe that they are mostly psychological warfare. The stage is not set for the Americans to act on them.

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