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Apr 30, 2021
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Former Saudi Ambassador To Lebanon Dr. Ali Asseri: Iran Plans To Destroy Saudi, Gulf Youth With Drugs; It Exploits The Weakness Of Lebanon, Syria To Manufacture, Smuggle Drugs With Hizbullah Protection

#8817 | 01:44
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon and Pakistan Dr. Ali Awadh Asseri said that there is an Iranian plan to destroy the youth in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) on April 30, 2021. Dr. Asseri continued to say that Iran uses the drug industry to finance its militias in other countries. He said that Shi'ite Islamic scholars have permitted the sale of drugs to people who are hostile to the resistance, and in fact considered this to be a "religious and moral obligation." Dr. Asseri added that Iran exploits the weakness of Syria and Lebanon and allows the criminals in the area to do as they wish and to set up drug manufacturing factories. He said that Hizbullah provides political protection to the drug smugglers.


Dr. Ali Asseri: "There is a methodical Iranian plan to destroy the youth of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, for two main reasons: First, in order to achieve the means to finance their militias in many countries. The other problem, which is, in fact, a disaster, concerns fatwas, issued by the Shi'ite ulema, which allow the sale of drugs to societies that are considered hostile to the resistance. Moreover, it sees it as a religious and moral obligation. This is the problem. The third issue concerns the considerable weakness of Syria and Lebanon, which allows the criminals to do whatever they please, and set up [drug] factories in the mountains between Lebanon and Syria." 




Interviewer: "Who is responsible for drug smuggling in Lebanon? Is it Hizbullah? Do you have any solid information on this matter, Mr. Ambassador?"


Asseri: "These are Shi'ites, who are protected by Hizbullah, and are well-known in Lebanon. There are families who are known to be involved in this. Hizbullah undoubtedly provides political protection to those criminals."

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