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Dec 15, 2020
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Algerian Islamic Scholar Yahya Sari: Normalization With Israel Has Turned Arabs Into Zionists; We Are Adopting Zionist Art, Theater, Media, And 'Talmudic' Practices

#8541 | 01:15
Source: El-Bilad TV (Algeria)

Sheikh Yahya Sari of the Algerian Association of Islamic Scholars said in a December 15, 2020 interview on El-Bilad TV (Algeria) that Arab normalization of relations with Israel has manifested in Arabs becoming Zionists. He said that Arabs are adopting Zionist practices, art, theater, singing and media, as well as "Talmudic" practices. He said that the Zionists want the Arabs to defend Israel and "erase" Palestine from the map.


Sheikh Yahya Sari: "We have reached a point where the Arabs are becoming Zionists. In Arab countries, we see how shortly after normalization comes the Zionism phase. We see how in Arab countries Zionist practices are adopted. Zionism has expanded and spread within these countries, until ideological and Talmudic practices have become... These countries have embraced Zionist art, theater, singing, and media. This is not normalization. We used to hear that normalization is manifested in embassies and economic ties, but what is happening now is more dangerous than normalization. They want us to become Zionists, and not just to normalize relations. What does becoming a Zionist mean? They want us to defend Zionism and the occupation, and to erase Palestine from the map."

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