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Mar 29, 2018
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Algerian Intellectual Rachid Benaïssa: The West Has No Alternative But Islam

#6609 | 01:48
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Algerian intellectual Dr. Rachid Benaïssa, former Education Ministry director-general, said that "Islam is returning today, and tomorrow the West will convert to Islam." Speaking on the Lebanese Al-Manar TV channel on March 29, Dr. Benaïssa, who was presented on the show as "a former UNESCO expert," said that "the West has no religious alternative but Islam,"but that "the Muslims, ISIS, and all our destruction are keeping them away."

Interviewer: "What has the world missed out on because of the Muslims' backwardness?" 

Rachid Benaїssa: "The Islamic world has not missed out too much because of the decline of Muslims. They have declined and can no longer benefit themselves, let alone others. But Islam is returning today, and tomorrow the West will convert to Islam. The West has no alternative but Islam." 

Interviewer: "Really? The West has no alternative?"

Rachid Benaїssa: "The West has no religious alternative but Islam."

Interviewer: "How come?"

Rachid Benaїssa: "Because Christianity has exhausted all its forms. Nietzsche said: 'We've exhausted all forms of Christianity...'"

Interviewer: "He said: 'God is dead'"

Rachid Benaїssa: "Thirty years ago, in France, they would turn churches into dance clubs to attract the youth, but this does not work anymore. They cannot return to Christianity. They cannot convert to Judaism, because the Jews do not accept them. They have nothing but Islam. Today, we are the ones who are stopping them from converting to Islam. The Muslims, ISIS, and all our destruction are keeping them away. Many of them who converted to Islam are saying: 'Praise be to Allah who introduced me to Islam before introducing me to the Muslims.' Therefore, I have no doubt that Islam will spread. It is already spreading."

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