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Apr 26, 2019
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Debate on U.K.-Based Muslim Brotherhood TV: Sri Lanka Bombers Avenged Injustice; ISIS Was Created So That the West Would Continue to Rule the World

#7196 | 02:44
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

Egyptian TV host Fayrouz Halim said in an April 26 show on Hiwar TV (U.K.) that terrorists such as those who carried out the church bombings in Sri Lanka might not be victims of injustice themselves, but that they sometimes carry out attacks in order to avenge others who were. She said that she does not justify the attacks in Sri Lanka, but that it is a good exercise to put oneself in the bombers' shoes, and she criticized media silence regarding families killed by coalition forces in Syria. Algerian TV host Sara Boukabouya then said that some Muslims no longer feel sympathy towards the victims of terror attacks because they have been subjected to injustice, and she said that this was one of the goals of the Western intelligence agencies that she claimed created ISIS. She said that the West created ISIS so that innocent people would fight each other and so that the West can continue to rule the world. Hiwar TV is a U.K.-Based Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated TV channel.

Following are excerpts:


Fayrouz Halim: The people who carry out the bombings may have not suffered injustice, but they could be avenging someone who did.

Sara Boukabouya: It's a vindictive mentality…

Fayrouz Halim: They could be avenging someone who suffered injustice, and at the same time… For example, when you watch a dramatic movie, you cry and you identify with the girl whose father died, leaving her behind… You place yourselves in her shoes. It's the same thing. [The terrorists] haven't suffered injustice, but they feel like they want to avenge those who have. This is what happened in Sri Lanka. The bombers were rich people. They had comfortable lives, they owned factories, and many other things… Yet the entire family recruited itself… This was in revenge for the airstrikes by the coalition forces. I'd like to add something – many families perished in the airstrikes by the coalition. Thousands and thousands [were killed], but there was a media blackout, because they were ISIS members and their families.




I do not justify any attack. These are criminal attacks…

Sara Boukabouya: Of course, of course.

Fayrouz Halim: This is unacceptable by any religion or norm, but we should put ourselves in [the bomber'] shoes and see what got them there.




Sara Boukabouya: Injustice also generates indifference, not just vengefulness. We see some Muslims who are saying: "What happened in Sri Lanka is normal, why should I extend sympathy to them?" They are saying: "How come they do not show sympathy to us when Syrians die? Iraq is destroyed, yet they do not show us any sympathy. We Muslims are destroyed, so why should we show sympathy to others?" They say that since they suffer injustice, they do not need to show sympathy. On the contrary… This was one of the goals of the Western intelligence agencies that created ISIS. I always say that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. It is a foreign, Western creation. Why did the West create them? So they could continue to rule the world, and so that the innocent people from all religions would continue to fight one another, by means of retaliation. For example, if there was a bombing in a mosque today, then I carry out a bombing in a church tomorrow, and so on. This way, the simple people of all religions and sects continue to fight one another, and the West continues to rule.

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