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Oct 08, 2016
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Algerian Cleric Chemseddine Bouroubi Prohibits Sex Dolls: It's Fornication Even If They Are Not Human

#5736 | 03:50
Source: Ennahar TV (Algeria)

In his fatwa show on the Algerian Ennahar TV on October 8 and then again on October 20, Sheikh Chemseddine Bouroubi warned against a phenomenon apparently spreading in Algerian society: the purchase of sex dolls. Sheikh Bouroubi said that a Chinese company had begun to distribute these dolls in Algeria. He warned against the dangers inherent in "marrying" sex dolls and said that "the [Algerian] state must intervene and ban these dolls." He further said: "Statues are haram, hence these sex dolls are haram - even before we get to talking about what is done with them."

Following are excerpts

Chemseddine Bouroubi:"I'd like to talk about the scandal that has taken place in our society. Some merchants... Listen to me carefully. Some merchants have begun to import dolls that are pure garbage. A doll that has got everything that a woman has - it is as tall as a woman as wide as a woman, as fat as a woman. It is just like a real woman, only it has no life in it. Some men buy such a doll and marry it. He has sex with it as if it were his wife. Some people say that there is nothing to it as long as it's just a doll. Since it's not a real woman, they say, this does not constitute fornication. May God help us! A Chinese company distributes these dolls to Algerian men. The state must intervene and ban these dolls.


There are 18 million unmarried girls in Algeria, and you have nothing better to do than marry a doll?! God help us! Forgive me for saying this. I hope that Allah will absolve me. Even married men buy these dolls. They say: I wish my wife looked like this doll but she doesn't. They go buy a doll. They put everything in the dolls, even the hymen. It's all artificial.


We have 18 million unmarried girls and 9 million spinsters sitting in their homes. They remain unmarried, while he marries a doll! God help us! This is haram! Don't let Satan fool you! Satan has put it in your heads that because it is a doll you can spend the night with it. This is haram, I'm telling you. You are accursed in the eyes of Allah.


October 20, 2016

A certain sheikh wrote me a letter, saying: 'Let him do it to a doll and not to someone's daughter. Let him fornicate with a doll instead of kidnapping a girl.' It's as if this man just has to fornicate - either with a doll or with someone's daughter. God help us! First of all, you should know that this sex doll is haram.


Statues are haram, hence these sex dolls are haram - even before we get to talking about what is done with them. A sex doll is haram because it is a statue in the form of a human being.


A young man from Morocco bought such a doll. When he was caught by the security forces, he said: 'I bought it in order to practice hairdressing." You liar! Why didn't you buy just the head? If you wanted to practice hair dressing you could've just bought the head. What are you practicing with the rest of the body? Huh?! You liar! God help us.


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