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Jun 07, 2017
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Military Training Course for "Cubs" in Syria

#6062 | 07:28
Source: The Internet - ""Ashbal Al-Sharia" School on YouTube"

In a video posted on the Internet on June 7, teenagers are seen undergoing military training with rifles and live fire in an apparently Al-Qaeda-affiliated training camp in Syria. Their commanders say that the goal is to prepare the "cubs" militarily and mentally, and the "cubs" are shown firing Kalashnikovs and missiles. One youngster says that they will "restore the Caliphate and crush the ranks of the Crusaders and their agents from the apostates," and the children chant: "May Allah salute the soldiers of Osama."


Cubs: "All praise is to Allah, who honors Islam through his support and disgraces shirk [polytheism] through his subjugation. May prayers and peace be upon he who raised the beacon of Islam with his sword. To proceed, 'And make ready against them all that you can of power and steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy.' And after, we, the inghimasi [deep strike operations] squad have prepared that which will bring your woe, you enemies of Allah. By killing our women and children you have revived a nation that does rise except with the blood of the martyr. No longer will you kill from the nation of Muhammad PBUH. For the nation of Muhammad PBUH it is a disgrace for one to die on his bed. Oh you Arab and non-Arab tyrants wait from us that which will bring you woe. Wait, we too are waiting."




Sheikh Abu Basir Al-Liby (Commander, Cubs Training Courses): "In the name of Allah, May prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and allies. Verily, our battle with the global disbelief and its agents from the apostates and the Arab and non-Arab tyrants is not a battle over petrol or land or straits or otherwise. All of these are reasons for the conflict, however, our real battle is a battle of tawheed, belief and creed and disbelief. Thus, it is incumbent upon us to prepare these cubs from the aspects of Sharia, as well as mentally and militarily. That they may be the seed for the generation that will liberate Jerusalem, by the will of Allah."




Khatab Al-Shami (Cub): "In the name of Allah, may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. To proceed: I came out for jihad and departed in the path of Allah because I saw the shredded bodies and I saw the Shia and Alawites killing our children and old men and enslaving our women. In this training camp I learned patience, brotherhood, hearing and obeying the commander, and how to handle a weapon and how to shoot."




Abu Hureira Al-Umwawi (Cub): "We know our path and our path we know well. All praise is to Allah. We swear by Allah the Almighty, he who raised the skies without any pillars that we will not forsake you and we will not betray your blood and we will not abandon the path that you have trodden for many years and it is not for us to betray blood that was spilt in the name of "There is none worthy of worship except Allah."




Abu Hajar Al-Shimali (Cub): "From a mujahid, son of a mujahid, to the general masses of the Muslims I encourage you to support the mujahidin and to defend the society of the Muslims so that we may restore our Khilafa and crush the ranks of the crusaders and their agents from the apostates."




Abu Dajana Al-Muhajir (Course Military Commander): "In the name of Allah, may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. In this blessed training camp, Allah willing, we tried with our brothers the cubs to improve their physical fitness in terms of strength and endurance and also in training. We focused on correct weapons handling so that the weapons may be beneficial to them and how to hold the weapon correctly as they do in regular militaries. Thus, in this fashion they end up holding the weapon in the correct fashion and become good snipers. We also tried to build between them relationships of brotherhood, and that they should never oppress one another and to be just between one another and that is from the factors that lead to victory. I ask Allah to guide us all to all good."




Cubs: "We are the cubs of Sharia, the heroes of bravery. We are the cubs of Sharia, the heroes of bravery. Lions of inghimas, they don’t fear death. May Allah salute the men, may Allah salute the soldiers of Osama. May Allah salute the men, may Allah salute the soldiers of Osama."

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