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Sep 30, 2005
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Al-Jazeera TV Special: The Israeli Mossad Was Involved in the 9/11 Attacks

#873 | 02:18
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from Part 4 of an Al-Jazeera TV special called "The Truth behind 9/11", which aired on September 30, 2005.

Anchor: About two hours before zero hour, two workers of the Israeli communications company (Comverse), the headquarters of which are here, in Herzliya, received an anonymous text message, warning about the attack. This company has a branch a few steps away from the World Trade Center in New York.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi Editor-in-Chief Abd Al-Bari 'Atwan: We know that we are all under surveillance. We, in the West - our phones are tapped. Every move we make is under surveillance. I wouldn't be surprised if in 5-10 years it turns out that there is a complete record of all my conversations. It turned out that the Spanish intelligence monitored...

Anchor: Yet this will not prevent you from carrying out a bombing operation.

Abd Al-Bari 'Atwan: Of course not. If I use my journalist ID card to enter the House of Commons and blow myself up, they would say: "We were following him and monitoring his computer, letters, emails, and everything."


Anchor: (Muhammad) 'Atta was sitting in seat 8D. In front of him were the two brothers, Wael and Walid Al-Shihri. Behind him was his comrade in his final days, 'Abd Al-'Aziz Al-'Omari. To Al-'Omari's left was the Israeli Mossad agent, Daniel Lewin, and right behind him, the man who would kill him, Sattam Al-Suqami.


In those exact moments, a group of Mossad agents were waiting in Manhattan for the first plane. They had surveillance and filming equipment with them. Meanwhile, F-15 planes were on high alert in Otis air base, 150 miles away, not knowing in which direction to fly.


It is noteworthy that in those moments, the Mossad agents here, according to eye-witnesses, were dancing and cheering in front of the WTC. The Israelis were arrested in New York. Later, they were moved to Washington, and from there to Israel, and the report was quickly suppressed.

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