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Jul 10, 2014
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Al-Jazeera TV Host Squabbles with Guests over Who Started Gaza War

#4359 | 03:51
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

On two occasions, Al-Jazeera TV host Ghada Owais bickered with guests on her show over who had started the war in Gaza. On July 10, she interrupted David Pollock of the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy, asking him: "Who told you that it was Hamas that started it?" and accusing him of spreading disinformation. Two days later, while interviewing former Israeli minister and former director of the Shin Bet Avi Dichter, the Lebanese TV host interrupted him and refused to let him complete his sentence.

Following are excerpts:

July 10, 2014

David Pollock, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: The truth is that it was Hamas that started the aggression against Israel…

Al-Jazeera host Ghada Owais: Who told you that?

David Pollock: Hamas launched missiles against Israeli cities and civilians…

Ghada Owais: Who told you that, Mr. David? Who told you that it was Hamas that started it?

David Pollock: This is a clear fact.

Ghada Owais: Who told you this "fact." While you are sitting there in Washington?

David Pollock: Dear viewers, I believe that deep in your hearts you understand this…

Ghada Owais: Mr. David…

David Pollock: Go ahead, Ms. Moderator. Go ahead, my dear honorable moderator.

Ghada Owais: Who told you that it was Hamas that started it?

David Pollock: This is according to the U.N. and the international monitors…

Ghada Owais: And you believe everything they say?! This is not what they reported at all.

David Pollock: Didn't Hamas start it by launching missiles against Israel?

Ghada Owais: No, it didn't. Mr. David, I beg you to stop spreading propaganda on my show. You call me Ms. Moderator, and that's fine with me. When moderating my show, I do not allow the spreading of propaganda.

David Pollock: Propaganda, is it?! And the communiqués by Hamas are not propaganda?

Ghada Owais: No, you are misleading. It all began with… Mr. David, excuse me…

David Pollock: The truth is the exact opposite.

Ghada Owais: Since I am the moderator here, and since I am a journalist following the events, I would like to enlighten you as to what really happened.

David Pollock: Go ahead, Ms. Moderator.

Ghada Owais: On Monday, July 1 (sic), when Israel found the bodies of the three settlers, it threatened Hamas, even though it had no evidence whatsoever. Then it started its air raids on Gaza, although it had no evidence. Days passed before the Al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian resistance responded to the Israeli aggression…

David Pollock: These are lies, Ms. Moderator…

Ghada Owais: Mr. Pollock, if you wish to take Israel's side, that's your own business, but I beg you not to spread disinformation. You are free to make your own analysis, but I won't allow disinformation…

David Pollock: Hamas is responsible for the destruction.


July 12, 2014

Ghada Owais: Ten J-80 missiles have landed in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem, and in Ben Gurion Airport. Haven't these missiles affected the morale of the Israeli army at all?! Despite the siege on Gaza, and even though Gaza has been turned into what is described as one big prison. The resistance has managed to crush you.

Former Israeli minister and former director of Shin Bet Avi Dichter: Everybody knows that Hamas started this battle for a very simple reason…

Ghada Owais: Excuse me, Hamas did not start it!

Avi Dichter: Hamas needed the Rafah Crossing open…

Ghada Owais: Avi, let's make one thing clear… Let's make one thing clear, Mr. Avi… You said that Hamas started it, but it did not. Excuse me, Mr. Avi, but you know full well, just like me, that Hamas… I won't let you complete your sentence before we make this point clear. You must acknowledge that it was not Hamas that started the raids on Gaza. Even Khaled Mash'al and Abu 'Ubeida said they were not seeking escalation. It was the Israeli army that started the raids, after the bodies of the three settlers were found. Even before the bodies were found, you killed six Palestinians in the West Bank, including several children. This is just to make things clear.


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