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Jun 10, 2016
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In Al-Jazeera Network Ramadan Comedy Show, Egyptian Comedian Abdallah Al-Sharif Lauds Tel Aviv Terror Attack, Criticizes Arab News Coverage Of It

#5514 | 02:04
Source: The Internet

Episode 4 of Egyptian comedian Abdallah Sharif's Ramadhan series was dedicated to the June 8 Tel Aviv terror attack. In it, Sharif berated his sidekick for citing Al-Arabiya TV's report on the attack, criticizing the TV channel for calling the Israelis "victims" and for saying that the attackers had been "killed," rather than "martyred." He further criticized Egyptian journalist Bothaina Kamel for her condemnation of the attack. The series is aired daily on the website of the Al-Jazeera network's Live channel.


Houda: "Oh, what a horrible day, man!"



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "What happened, Houda?"



Houda: "Palestinian children attacked Israelis, who were sitting peacefully in a restaurant, and trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, fired at them."



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "Who did?"



Houda: "Palestinian children."



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "Look, your entire sentence is wrong."



Houda: "How come?"



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "First of all, they should be called 'Palestinian men,' because anyone who goes to a place like that and doesn't flinch - if we don't call him a wild animal or a hero, we should at least call him a man. Secondly, when you say 'Israelis,' you are admitting that there is a state called Israel, and this is unacceptable to me and to any free person. Those are a few occupying Zionist Jews. No more. The third and most important point is that they weren't 'sitting peacefully' or anything like that. All of them - the men and the women - are members of the Zionist army. They were all trained to use weapons, and the hands of most of them are soiled with the blood of our brothers in Palestine. And the restaurant where they were sitting was built on stolen Palestinian land, and no one knows what happened to the original owners of this land."



Houda: "Man, go easy on us. I'm just telling you what I saw and heard on TV."






Abdallah Al-Sharif: "When [Al-Arabiya] TV, which is supposed to be an Arab channel, calls the occupying Zionists 'victims,' and says that those whom we consider to be martyrs were only 'killed,' then it is clearly not your fault, Houda."



Houda: "Do you see now that I didn't make anything up?"



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "When an Egyptian journalist says: 'What's heroic about entering a restaurant and killing the people dining there?'... Again, this is not your fault, Houda."



Houda: "So do you mean that she's right, or are you just kidding me? By God, I'd like to carry out a martyrdom operation against you, and rid the planet of this poisonous brain of yours..."



Abdallah Al-Sharif: "How exactly can she be right? What was heroic about driving people from their homes, and occupying their land using weapons? What's heroic about killing our best daughters and sons on a daily basis at the crossings? What's heroic about besieging Gaza and throttling it? What's heroic about killing its children, elderly, and women in numerous acts of aggression, while the whole world watches? What was heroic about the massacre of Sabra and Shatila? What was heroic about the massacres of the Hagana in Haifa?"


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