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Jul 26, 2004
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Al-Azhar University History Professor Abd Al-Halim Uweis: Why Condemn All Arabs For What A Few May Have Done?

#182 | 01:32
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

'Abd Al-Halim 'Uweis, a history professor at Al-Azhar University, spoke on the religious Saudi-based Iqra TV of his doubts regarding the American version of 9/11. The following are excerpts:

Prof. 'Uweis: Regarding 9/11? The truth is that as a historian, I cannot agree at all with the American view. Many Americans? I read that even one of the candidates for the nomination of the American Democratic Party doubted the events of 9/11.

The conspiracy, with all its briliance, and the manner it was carried out, is beyond what Osama bin Laden or others are capable of planning. Despite this, I put this aside. But I say, what law in the world permits attacking countries because of individuals' mistakes? Let's assume that 20 or 30 Americans arrive in Egypt and destroyed, for instance, a big institution?

Moderator: Or in Germany?

Prof. 'Uweis: Yes, or in Germany. What international law permits the entire nation, 20-30 million, 100-200 million, or all the Arabs or all the Muslims, a billion and 200 million, to be hated, fought against, condemned, and have, in a democratic country, the USA, emergency measures of oppression taken against them, as though the US were a new USSR. All this because of 15-16 about whom only Allah knows the truth. Perhaps they are collaborating with foreign intelligence, the Mossad, the CIA or others? Perhaps they were brain washed?

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