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Jul 20, 2017
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Al-Azhar Professor Ahmad Karima: The Jews Are Warmongers and Plotters by Nature; Wage Armed Jihad against the Zionist Gang

#6139 | 02:32
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Speaking on Palestinian Authority TV on July 20, Al-Azhar University Professor of Islamic Law Ahmad Karima said that the Jewish tribes in Yathrib had plotted against the Prophet Muhammad and that "Allah told us about their transgressions – their slaying of prophets and their outstanding hostility." He further said that the "Zionist gang" was "raised on aggression, theft, and plundering" and that "armed jihad" should be waged against them.

Professor Ahmad Karima:"The cause of the Al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem, and Palestine is a religious cause, not merely a political one. It is a religious cause that concerns the Muslims and the Christians.


"The Prophet of Islam explained the correct and wise path in these words: 'Wage jihad against them' –  referring to these plundering and colonialist occupiers – 'Wage jihad against them with your bodies.' Let me tell you what the sharia says: The Zionist gang will leave our holy places only through armed force. When has Israel, that criminal gang, ever given anything for free? Allah explained their intrinsic nature in the Quran: 'Whenever they kindled fire for war, Allah extinguished it.' Allah told us about their transgressions – their slaying of prophets and their exceptional hostility. They were hostile toward Jesus and plotted to kill him. The Bani Nazir and Bani Qurayza tribes in Yathrib plotted against the Prophet of Islam, along with their brothers in Khaybar. These people do not offer peace to anyone. Anybody who believes that the Zionist gang will offer him peace is delusional and dreaming, because these people were raised on aggression, theft, and plundering. Therefore, the Prophet of Islam has given us true solutions – not semi-solutions. He said: 'Wage jihad against them with your bodies.' This means armed jihad, according to the legal conditions set forth by Islamic jurisprudence."

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