January 18, 2007
Clip No.

Al-Azhar Cleric Farahat Said Al-Munji against Homosexuals and Sexual Education on TV

Following are excerpts from an interview with Al-Azhar cleric Sheik Farahat Al-Said Al-Munji, which aired on Al-Mihwar TV on January 18, 2007:

Sheik Farahat Said Al-Munji: The religious scholars have said that [homosexuality] is uglier than adultery, because such a man does not consider himself to be a man. He says: "I was not created to be a man." Why does he do this?

I would like to tell you something. This act is not done even by beasts – not by the donkey, the dog, or the buffalo. Never have we seen a buffalo jumping on another buffalo, or a goat jumping on another goat. This is inconceivable. This act is more contemptible than the beasts, and more base than the donkey. A donkey never mounts another donkey. We have reached an even lower level. We have reached rock bottom. The Islamic scholars have said that if such a man... The Prophet said about them: "Kill both the one on top and the one underneath." Do you know what Ali Abu Taleb said? "Kill them both and burn them." After they are killed, they should be burned.


Interviewer: Are you against sex education on TV?

Sheik Farahat Said Al-Munji: Let me tell you something. When Allah created Eve from Adam's rib, he awoke and saw her lying next to him. He placed his hand on her, and felt something fresh and sweet next to him. He became intimate with her, and that was it – the desire was there, just like that.

Interviewer: So you are saying it is an instinct?

Sheik Farahat Said Al-Munji:Yes. Who taught the cats what to do? Who taught the rooster and the hen what to do?