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Aug 02, 2013
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Al-Aqsa TV Complains about Closure of Its Facebook Page

#3940 | 02:26
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from a report on the closing down of Al-Aqsa TV's Facebook page. The report aired on Al-Aqsa TV on August 2, 2013.

Anchor: We will first discuss the removal of Al-Aqsa TV's Facebook page by the management of this social network.

The management of this social network has removed Al-Aqsa TV's Facebook page. Activists say that the page, which had garnered over 216,000 "likes," was completely removed without prior warning, and with no specific reason given.

Al-Aqsa TV has denounced this unexplained, unjustified, and arbitrary measure. Al-Aqsa TV announced that the removal of its account would not succeed in silencing its voice or in severing its connection to the people.


Political analyst Tayseer Al-Muhaisin: What is the reason for this behavior? Why are people being silenced? This is a violation of freedom of expression and speech. People should be able to speak honestly, regardless of their dissident opinions.

This position of the managers of that company raises many questions. Why Al-Aqsa TV in particular? There is a great wave, sweeping the world, in support of political Islam, and interest in the media outlets that speak on its behalf, by people who support the changes taking place in the region and the world. Al-Aqsa TV is one of the media outlets supporting freedom of speech…

Anchor: Even if the management of Facebook is not really biased, it has chosen one side over the other by this measure.

Tayseer Al-Muhaisin: Absolutely.


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