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Aug 20, 2017
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Sheikh Ali Abu Ahmed Criticizes Arab Rulers for Condemning Barcelona Attack, Instead of Fighting "Despicable" Jews

#6173 | 01:55
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube account dedicated to Al-Aqsa Mosque addresses"

Speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on August 20, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Ali Abu Ahmed criticized the Arab rulers, saying that while they condemned the Barcelona terror attack, the rulers of the "wicked mini-states" were sending weapons to fight in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, instead of fighting the Jews, "the most despicable of Allah's creations." Abu Ahmed prayed to Allah to "annihilate all the Jews" and to "enable us to kill them," and was answered with "Amen"” from his listeners.


Sheikh Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh you factions and brigades who are fighting among themselves in Iraq, Syria and everywhere – instead of killing one another to please the infidels, and if you are unable to fight the criminal [Arab] rulers, at least do not point your weapons at your brothers. Instead, point your weapons toward your enemies, the enemies of the Islamic nation.


"Oh servants of Allah, yesterday, after the attack in Barcelona, the rulers of the wicked [Arab] mini-states began to condemn that criminal act, and to attribute it to Islam and the Muslims, even though the Muslims have nothing to do with it. At the same time, the rulers of the wicked mini-states are sending their planes, tanks, and weapons to fight the Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, instead of fighting the Jews, the most despicable of Allah's creations. Oh Islamic nation, the enemy of the Muslims is well known and obvious. The enemies of the Muslims are the U.S., Russia, Britain, and the Jews, the most despicable of Allah's creations.




"Oh Allah, annihilate all the Jews."


Audience: "Amen."


Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh Allah, enable us to kill them."


Audience: "Amen."

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