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May 11, 2024
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In AI-Generated Chinese Clip, Russian Woman Says: If China Fights The Americans, I Will Donate All My Assets To China; China Is My Second Home, A Land I Deeply Love

#11117 | 00:46

On May 11, 2024, a user named "Angel" on the Xiaohuongshu platform shared a video in which a realistic AI-generated Russian woman, who is the likeness of Ukrainian YouTuber Olga Loiek, said in Mandarin that she would be willing to donate all her assets to China if it fights the Americans, and risk her own life if it fights Japan. She said she loves China deeply, that it is her second home, and that she wishes to be a Chinese person in the next life.

Woman: "Chinese friends, if China were to fight against the Americans, I would be willing to donate all my assets to China.

"If China were to fight against Japan, I would be willing to risk my own life. I have no regrets being part of the Chinese nation in this life, and in the next life, I wish to be a Chinese person.

"As a Russian, I love China very much. China is my second home, and I am willing to dedicate everything for the land I deeply love. I hope to receive your attention and approval. Thank you, my dear Chinese friends."

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