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Mar 31, 2019
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Ahmad Al-Khatwani: Job of Muslims Is to Bring "Hateful Infidels" to Islam through Jihad; Rome Will Be Conquered

#7150 | 02:24
Source: The Internet - "YouTube channel dedicated to Al-Aqsa addresses"

Palestinian political researcher Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khatwani said in an address he delivered at the Al Aqsa Mosque that Istanbul had been conquered just like the Prophet Muhammad had predicted, and that Rome will also be conquered according to Muhammad's predictions. Al-Khatwani said that Muslims do not hate non-Muslims; rather, he said that all Muslims do "break down the physical obstacles" that prevent the "hateful infidels" from being brought into the light of Islam. He said that Islam is a religion for all of mankind and that the "physical obstacles" will be broken down by "a huge Muslim army that will wage Jihad for the sake of Allah." The video of the address was uploaded to the Internet on March 31, 2019.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khatwani: "The Prophet Muhammad said: 'You shall conquer Constantinople and the city of Rome.' He was asked: 'Which one will be conquered first, oh Messenger of Allah?' [Muhammad] said that it would be the city of Heraclius – in other words, Constantinople which is Istanbul. And indeed it was conquered, 700 years after the words of Muhammad.


"Thus, these glad tidings were realized on the ground in Constantinople, and since they were realized in Constantinople, they will be realized with the conquest of Rome, Allah willing. 


"Is the hatred of the Crusaders towards Muslims met with Islamic hatred towards the Crusaders? There is nothing in Islamic terminology – neither in the Hadith nor in the Quran – about Muslim being hateful towards others. Muslims do not hate. Muslims strive to bring the hateful infidels out of the darkness and into the light. [Muslims] strive to bring Islam to them. All Muslims do is break down the physical obstacles that prevent them from calling on [infidels] to convert to Islam. We do not hate anyone. All we do is carry the call and the message of Islam to the world, because Islam is a religion for mankind in its entirety, and it is our duty to guide mankind to the right path through this religion. But if [the infidels] reject [Islam] because of their hatred, we have no choice but to break down these obstacles. Since these are physical obstacles, how are they supposed to be broken down? Not through Facebook and the Internet. This will be done by a huge Muslim army that will wage Jihad for the sake of Allah."

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