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Apr 04, 2020
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Afghan Taliban Media Publishes Video in Which Afghan Fighter Explains He Is Waging Jihad in Order to Expel Foreign Forces, Establish Shari’a Law

#7916 | 01:52
Source: The Internet - "Manba’ Al-Jihad "

On April 4, 2020, the Afghan Taliban's Manba' Al-Jihad published to is Rocketchat channel a 2:30-minute video titled "I Am a Mujahid 14." The video features a fighter named Khalid, who speaks in Persian with English subtitles. Khalid explains that he is waging Jihad in order to establish shari'a law and expel foreign invaders such as U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan.

Khalid: "As a Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, I want to tell my Mujahideen brothers and the rest of the Muslim Ummah about the purpose of my Jihad that what is the purpose of our Jihad?

"First of all, there are obligations from Allah SWT [the most glorified, the most high] upon us like the obligations of prayers and fastings. Similarly, Jihad is also one of the obligations upon us which we must obey and if we do not obey it and stay at homes, then we will be considered as sinners in the sight of Allah SWT.

"We are waging Jihad because the invaders (US & her allies) have invaded us and are carrying out oppressions, spreading corruptions and immoralities and we are waging Jihad so that Allah SWT be pleased with us. I want the establishment of the Islamic Shari'ah in Afghanistan. We did not come out for Jihad for our personal desires rather we have come out for waging Jihad in order to eliminate Fitnah (disbelief & corruption) in Afghanistan and so that our people can live a peaceful and comfortable life. This world is a test and we will leave this world, therefore we must do something in this world for the betterment of the eternal life in the hereafter."


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