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Mar 23, 2023
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Afghan Islamic Scholar Khalifa Deen Mohammad: Muslim Refugees In Europe Are Only Granted Asylum If They Conceal Their Faith, Have Sex With Women Sent By The Government To Test Them

#10213 | 01:51
Source: Online Platforms - "@FahimShinwari14 on Twitter"

Afghan Islamic scholar Khalifa Deen Mohammad, the head of the Council of Religious Scholars of Kabul, said in a video posted to the @FahimShinwari14 Twitter account on March 23, 2023 that Muslims who go to Europe as refugees are only granted asylum if they conceal their Islamic faith and have sex with women sent by the government to test them.

Khalifa Deen Mohammad: "I heard some things in Mansehra [district] and then in public meetings. There, lots of people used to escape from [Afghan refugee] camps towards Europe. So I spoke some very harsh words [about] the extremely shameful points, so that people can learn a lesson. I [delivered] the speech, and when I came to the room, a cleric told me that what I said is true. He said that his nephew escaped to Europe without informing him. It has been eight years, but he is not accepted [as a refugee]. Why? Because to be accepted... The condition is... The rooms and guesthouses there are owned by the government, and if he says that he escaped from Muslims, they will kill him. You have to present yourself as a communist. This is the first condition.

"The second condition is that they send girls to your room at night to test you and see on what basis you have come. You cannot refuse to have sex with the girl or [say] that it is forbidden. If you refuse, she will spy on you and say that you're a Muslim and are lying... There, only the AIDS cards work – AIDS is a disease caused by adultery, and people with AIDS have a card that they can present to the girls as an excuse, that they have AIDS and can transmit it to her. This is the only way they spare you. The cleric said that his nephew did not do these things, and this is why he has been there eight years and is not accepted [as a refugee]. [Asylum seekers] do everything for them. They work in hotels. If pig's meat is cooked, they  serve it to people."

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