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Sep 23, 2021
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Admiral Ali Fadavi, IRGC Deputy Commander-In-Chief: Muslim Scientists Invented Quantum Mechanics 1,000 Years Ago; Iranians Are The Leaders And Pioneers Of Quantum Science

#9096 | 02:46
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Admiral Ali Fadavi, IRGC Deputy Commander-in-Chief, said that Muslims discovered quantum mechanics 1,000 years ago, and that this is the reason that Iranian scientists are leaders and pioneers in the field. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Channel 2 (Iran) on September 23, 2021. General Fadavi said that while this is considered a new science in the West, and has not yet "entered people's lives or the military field," Iran already has a scientific footing in quantum science.

Admiral Ali Fadavi: "Whenever we entered a certain area, we achieved full results. Let me give you a short explanation about one of these areas. You've probably heard, in the past couple of years, people talking a lot about the field of quantum [mechanics]. First of all, this is a very ancient science among Muslim societies. Muslim scientists talked about this science 1,000 years ago.

"If you want to compare it – two years ago, the 100th anniversary for Quantum [Theory] in the current world was marked. This anniversary was marked in New York as well. Iranian scientists travelled there from Iran as well. Compare the most recent findings of quantum science, which were mentioned in New York, two years ago, with what Ibn Arabi wrote in one of his books, 800 years ago, and you shall see that scientists consider Ibn Arabi's statements to be more complete. They already enjoyed sciences like quantum [mechanics] back then…

"This is a very new science which has not yet entered people's lives or the military field. If we have such a scientific footing, then we are obviously the source for quantum science, even though we cannot announce it out in the open. But when the world reaches a tiny scientific achievement, it announces it on the spot. For example, a year or two ago, the Americans declared that they built a quantum computer, using Google.

"For the sake of comparison, the largest and fastest computers in existence today would need 10,000 years to make the same calculations that a quantum computer does in 350 seconds. This is the difference. It is this way in many fields. Indeed, we and our scientists in this country are leaders and pioneers in these fields as well."

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