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Apr 07, 2004
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About Zionist Leader, Vladimir Jabotinsky

#29 | 01:10
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

April 7, 2004 NBN TV (Lebanon)

The Lebanese channel, NBN, aired a short clip about Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky. Following is a verbatim translation of the clip:

Ariel Sharon's actions are rooted in the ideas of the Jewish terrorist Vladimir Jabotinsky, who called to settle all the Jews instead of all the Palestinians, to expropriate all the Arab lands to and remove all limitations on Jewish immigration from around the world to Israel, which he saw as a fortress protecting Western imperialism against Pan-Arabism.

Jabotinsky admired the Fascist leader Mussolini. His supporters cried: "Italy for Mussolini, Germany for Hitler, and Palestine for Jabotinsky." They believed, together with their leader, Jabotinsky, that political assassination is not a crime and that violence and killing must be used to annihilate the Arabs and the survivors would be expelled from Palestine to other Arab countries. He used to say that violence and slaughter are part of the Jewish heritage and that the sword and the Torah descended together from heaven together, and that killing with a sword is not a German invention, rather, it belongs to the Jewish forefathers and a Jew must slaughter his enemy with no pangs of conscience.

Jabotinsky was not a believing Jew, but he believed in the Jews as a people which achieves its goals through killing. Thus it is not surprising that Ariel Sharon is acting in accordance with Jabotinsky's ideas.

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