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Nov 25, 2023
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Abdolfattah Ahvazian, Advisor To IRGC Qods Force Commander: Qasem Soleimani Was In Gaza And Ordered Hamas To Dig Tunnels; Israeli Women Captured On October 7 Were Brigade Commanders, No Need To Feel Sorry For Them; Hamas Killed 60 U.S. Advisors And Captured Netanyahu's Nephew

#10680 | 03:19
Source: Hamedan TV (Iran)

Abdolfattah Ahvazian, an advisor to the IRGC Qods Force Commander said in an address aired on Hamedan TV (Iran) on November 25, 2023 that it was IRGC Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani who had advised Hamas in Gaza to dig a network of tunnels. He claimed that according to the Quran, the prophet-harassing and prophet-slaying Jewish people would never have a land and would live forever as refugees. Ahvazian continued to claim that Hamas killed 60 American advisors on October 7 and that the women held captive by Hamas are actually brigade commanders.

Abdolfattah Ahvazian: "After the martyrdom of Hajj Qasem [Soleimani], the guys from Hamas showed us a movie. I watched the movie, and according to the people of Hamas there, Hajj Qasem had gone into Gaza. He said to them: 'Why are you sitting idly by?' They answered: 'Hajj, there is no way.' So he gave the order to take a Jihadi action, and dig hundreds of tunnels, crossing the [Gaza] borders.

"Within three years, the Palestinians have dug hundreds of tunnels, approximately 800 km-long, with pickaxes and hoes. These are not the kind of tunnels that only mice can use. These tunnels allow the passages of cars, mules with ammunition, and motorcycles. 700 kilometers with nothing but pickaxes and hoes... Israel has besieged Gaza. The war with Israel has become a war of populations. People said: The Jews multiply. Go ahead and multiply. Families in Gaza have 13-18 children. They give birth to six boys and 4.5 girls...


"Allah said in Surat Al-Isra, verses 4-5 that the prophet-harassing and prophet-slaying Jewish people would never have a land and would always live as refugees. Now, they have come to fight God and to take Palestine. In the past 1,000 years, the Jews have established nearly 30 states, but none of these states has survived for 100 years. It was mostly in Europe.

"WhatsApp belongs to Israel. The Nokia cellphone company belongs to Israel. Out of every three [Israelis], one is a spy. Five world intelligence agencies have zoomed-in on Gaza. The AWACS can read a letter we hold in our hands from an altitude of 18,000 feet. UAVs. Satellites. F-36. RASIT systems... What is RASIT? They have these devices that, when you move, show on the monitoring screen, from 25-kilometers away, your blood flow, body heat, and the existence of metals.

"Do you know how the Palestinians would move about? They would remove their rings, medallions, watches, weapons, and coins, and even their shoes with the metal eyelets, and they would walk on all fours so that the Jewish officer operating the RASIT would identify them to be four dogs and not four human beings. This is how they moved about.


"[Hamas] killed sixty American advisors [on October 7]. People see several women held captive and feel sorry for them. These women were brigade commanders. [Hamas] captured Netanyahu's nephew, who was a [military] commander."

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