February 7, 2012
Clip No.

Abd Al-Jalil Said, Former Press Secretary for the Syrian Mufti: Russians and Russian Interests Will Become a Target for the Free Army in Syria

Following are excerpts from a TV debate on Syrian-Russian relations, which aired on the Al-Jazeera Network on February 7, 2012.

Abd Al-Jalil Said, former press secretary for the Syrian Mufti: It almost seemed as if Bashar Al-Assad was saying to [Russian FM] Lavarov: "Oh Savior, you have come to us."

Let me say to [my colleague], who is speaking from Moscow: Listen brother, the Syrian revolution will banish you from the Arab world, Allah willing. Today, you are protecting the Al-Assad family. Fine. We are not claiming that the entire Syrian people are against Bashar Al-Assad. There are people who benefit [from Al-Assad's rule], and there are traitors whom you have created – just like you created Al-Assad. Only 3, 4, or 10 percent [of the Syrians] support Bashar Al-Assad. This revolution will change Russian presence in the world, Allah willing.

You say that demonstrations are held in Russia as well. Tell me, Russia diplomat, how come you are holding 13,000 political detainees in detention centers, according to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International? If you really have freedom of expression and dialogue, why did you arrest those who took to the streets to oppose Putin? If you have a democracy that is tailored to fit Putin and that idiot Medvedev… That's right, Al-Assad and Medvedev are of the same height. The Syrians called [Bashar] "you idiot, you giraffe!" – this applies to them both.


Vycheslav Matuzov chairman of the Russian Friendship Society with Arab Countries: Let me tell you, Russia does not have any interests in the Arab world. Russian products are not sold in the streets and markets in the Arab world…

Abd Al-Jalil Said: The Arab streets are full of Russian prostitutes – not Russian products…

Vycheslav Matuzov: It is the interest of the Arabs to have Russia's support, not the other way around.


Abd Al-Jalil Said: This criminal regime in Syria, which provided services to the Zionists… Who says, Mr. Matuzov, that we are fixated on the US? The US wants Bashar Al-Assad, and so does Israel, but the US has exchanged roles with you, so that you will have the standing you once had in the world. The US is now asking the Russian Bear to say that it is against the toppling of the Al-Assad regime, but we know that your military base, your interests, your people, and all your experts will become a target for our Free Army in Syria. We will declare this in Syria…

TV host: Is that a threat?

Abd Al-Jalil Said: It's not an empty threat. It will be implemented, Allah willing. Russians will be targeted in Syria, wherever they are.


Bashar Al-Assad wants support from Moscow?! By Allah, we will send him to you, so that you can embalm him at the Kremlin, alongside Stalin and…

Vycheslav Matuzov: Send who?

Abd Al-Jalil Said: We will send them Bashar Al-Assad after his execution, Allah willing. Let them him enjoy him, and let's see if they can enter Syria or the Middle East after that.


Vycheslav Matuzov: Five years ago, the US officially declared, through George W. Bush and Condoloeezza Rice, that America's number one enemy after the fall of the global Communist order is the Islamic world. This I know full well. What has been said about hatred of Islam in Russia…

Abd Al-Jalil Said: And you love Islam? You're saying, Matuzov, that the US is the enemy of Islam, while you love Islam? You've killed millions of Chechens and millions of Muslims, yet you love Islam? Who says that you love Islam more than the US or anyone else? Mr. Matuzov, you are a man in his twilight years. You should be ashamed of yourself. You claim to be diplomat, so speak rationally! You are talking bullshit, man! What you are saying is weird – as if you are speaking from another planet. You are talking about everything but Russia. Shame on you, you old geezer, for talking like this.