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Jun 16, 2021
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Hizbullah Brigades In Iraq Spokesman Muhammad Mohi: Any Danger To Jerusalem Means Regional War; We Will Give The Zionists A Taste Of Humiliation And Defeat Like We Did To Their 'American Masters'

#8929 | 01:09
Source: The Internet - "alkhanadeq.com "

Muhammad Mohi, spokesman of Hizbullah Brigades in Iraq said that the organization pledges to protect the holy places and that the Hizbullah Brigades in Iraq is joining the "equation of deterrence" introduced by Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, according to which "any danger to Jerusalem means regional war." He made his remarks in an address that was posted on alkhanadeq.com on June 16, 2021. Mohi said that the Zionists will get a taste of humiliation and defeat, just like the Hizbullah Brigades inflicted upon their "American masters." For more about Muhammad Mohi, see MEMRI TV clip nos. 8880 and 8438.

Muhammad Mohi: "The Hizbullah Brigades of the Islamic resistance declares that it remains true to its pledge to safeguard holy places and to not hesitate in protecting them. [The Hizbullah Brigades] announces that it is joining the equation of deterrence any danger to Jerusalem means regional war, as was presented by Hassan Nasrallah. Allah willing, the Zionists will get a taste of humiliation and defeat, their hearts will know no peace, their bodies will have no power, and they will be too weak to confront real men, just like [the Hizbullah Brigades] did to their American masters."

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