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Oct 06, 2019
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Kuwaiti Professor Dr. Faisal Abu Sulaib: The Gulf States Are in Shock and Terrified following Attack on Aramco; KSA Cannot Provide Security to GCC States

#7528 | 01:43
Source: Al-Araby TV (Qatar/U.K.)

Dr. Faisal Abu Sulaib, a professor of political science at Kuwait University said that following the attack on Saudi oil facilities in September, the Golf countries no longer feel Saudi Arabia provides security coverage to the region, he said that the Golf countries are “terrified” now. Dr. Abu Sulaib said that Saudi Arabia “needs a hudna (truce) in Yemen” and he called for a “sort of Hudaybiyyah Treaty” or a truce between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  The remarks were made on an interview with Al-Araby TV (U.K.) on October 6, 2019.

Following are excerpts:


Dr. Faisal Abu Sulaib: Unfortunately, the political decisions of the Gulf [states] are not independent political decisions. We, in the region, are in shock. We are terrified following the attacks on Aramco. All the Gulf states are now exposed. They have no security coverage. What if such a scenario repeated itself in a small country like Kuwait, or at water desalination plants in Kuwait, Qatar, or the UAE? We will die of thirst. What if such a thing happens to Kuwait's oil facilities? This [attack] has terrified us. We felt that Saudi Arabia had become a regional power, capable of countering any external danger or external security threat to the GCC states, but Saudi Arabia has now been struck deep in its territory, deep in the heart of its economy – in its oil facilities – and there is no clear military response. Therefore, we in the GCC feel extremely fragile.




Saudi Arabia clearly needs a hudna (truce) in Yemen today. What Saudi Arabia wants is a hudna in Yemen. It needs a hudna or some sort of a Hudaybiyyah Treaty with Iran, so it can catch its breath.

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