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Jul 25, 2017
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Jordanian MPs Walk out of Parliamentary Session in Protest against Release of Israeli Embassy Guard

#6137 | 01:40
Source: The Internet

In a fiery parliamentary session held on July 25, following the release of the Israeli Embassy security guard involved in a deadly shooting incident, Jordanian MPs staged a mass walkout in protest and demanded that the Jordanian ambassador to Israel be recalled home. Footage from the session shows MPs Sadah Habashneh and Khaled Fanatseh calling on their colleagues to walk out with them, with Habashneh saying that the Jordanian prime minister had "sold us out."


Jordanian MP Sadah Habashneh: (Jordanian PM Al-Mulki) has sold us out! Netanyahu boasts (that he brought the Israeli embassy guard home). He killed, and now he can relax. Recall our ambassador (to Israel)! Recall him!


Jordanian MP Khaled Fanatseh: By Allah, we should walk out of this session.  Withdraw from this session! Any MP who loves Palestine and loves the Jordanian people should not stay here.


Parliament Speaker: No, brother Khaled. Mr. Khaled...


Khaled Fanatseh: By Allah, any MP who remains seated does not love Jordan and does not love Palestine.


Sadah Habashneh: Let's get out! Let's get out! Let's get out! Let's get out! C'mon, let's get out!



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