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Nov 27, 2020
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Palestinian Islamic Scholar Yousef Makharzah Blasts Western Culture In A Jerusalem Friday Sermon: They Ban Polygamy, But They Marry And Have Sex With Dogs And Donkeys

#8500 | 02:07
Source: Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon)

In a Friday, November 27, 2020 sermon in Jerusalem that aired on the Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon), Palestinian Islamic scholar Yousuf Makharzah said that the "libertine, whoring" Western culture has "thrust" mankind into a world of bestiality. He said that in the West, men have sex with one another, and women have sex with dogs and donkeys. Makharzah said that it is even considered legitimate for a man to legally marry a she-donkey and for a woman to marry both a man and a dog. He added that people who glorify Western civilization are infidels. For more about Sheikh Yousef Makharzah, see MEMRI TV clip No. 7849

Yousef Makharzah: "'Corruption has spread over land and sea' in the libertine, whoring Western culture, which has extracted mankind from a world of happiness and security and thrust it into a world of bestiality. They have rebelled against the law of Allah, and the dogs were shown into the bedroom. They have sex with animals. They have sex with animals! They have mocked religion. They have mocked the law of Allah. They have mocked Islam! Men have sex with men, and women have sex with dogs and donkeys. Allah be praised!


"For them, freedom is sacred even if a man is being photographed with a she-donkey, declaring it to be his wife and registering it at the municipality. This is considered his [legitimate] choice that must be respected, and you are not allowed to oppose this. However, if a man marries two women, it is considered backwardness. Yet, if he marries a woman along with a she-donkey it is considered to be artistic ingenuity. It is allowed for a woman to marry a man and a dog.


"What kind of a religion is this and why must we respect it? How are the Muslims expected to respect a civilization that unites humans with animals?


"People who glorify Western civilization are infidels. People who think there is nothing wrong with bestiality are infidels."

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