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Jul 06, 2020
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Iraqi Politician Haidar Al-Mulla On The Assassination Of Researcher Husham Alhashimi: Husham Was Martyred For The Love Of Iraq; Iraq Will Not Fall Into Anarchy

#8141 | 04:19
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

On July 6, 2020, the day that Iraqi researcher Husham Alhashimi was assassinated by unknown gunmen, Iraqi politician Haidar Al-Mulla was interviewed on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia). Al-Mulla criticized Iraqi PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, calling on him to find the people who assassinated Alhashimi. He said that the Iraqi state will prevail over anarchy, sectarian agendas, and regional agendas. Calling for the "reignition" of the "October Revolution", Al-Mulla said that Alhashimi is a martyr and that the Iraqi people will remain prey to criminal murderers unless the illegal militias and the Iranian influence in Iraq are crushed.

Haidar Al-Mulla: "I believe that Iraqis are fed up with mourning the dead. Today, it is clear that those who want there to be no state are trying to send a message that says: 'Iraqis, you can only dream of any reform in Iraq.' Six hundred young people were martyred, there were 25,000 wounded, and today they murder Husham Alhashimi and others. It is never going to end. Therefore, with all honesty and with bitterness, I say: What are you waiting for, [Iraqi PM] Mr. Al-Kadhimi? Today, the image of the Commander-in-Chief was trampled upon by [PMU] members who serve in the armed forces. Today, they murdered Husham, but they are not going to silence similar voices. Those who think that anarchy is going to prevail are deluding themselves. This country is 7,000 years old. Its existence is not only the 17 years of anarchy that we've had since 2003. Therefore, we are not going to direct our words at those with a dead conscience, those whose loyalty lies abroad instead of in Iraq. The Iraqis paid with their blood, and this will continue. I would like to use your platform to say: Rest assured, [Alhashimi's murder] will not scare people. People will only become more determined.


"Therefore, if the Prime Minister is not going to take measures today to find those who murder the Iraqi people, then this will make him an accomplice of those who are targeting the Iraqi people. I don't know how long [these assassinations] are going to last. I do not want to eulogize Husham Alhashimi. I believe that he attained martyrdom, an honor that we are all seeking to attain. Those who believe that the honor of martyrdom will scare others are deluding themselves. Congratulations to Hashimi for attaining martyrdom defending the love of Iraq. Thousands have gone this way, and thousands more will go this way, in the future.


"I believe that today, the blood of those who were murdered and the fallen martyrs, and the blood of Husham Alhashimi warrant the reignition of the October Revolution [in Iraq]. Without this pressure by the masses, the executive authority will continue to allow the militias and those who support anarchy to do whatever they like and drink the blood of the Iraqis.


"Therefore, if Mr. Al-Kadhimi thinks that he can rely on political forces in order to conduct reforms - he is deluding himself. Only reliance on the Iraqi people in the street can guarantee the restoration of respect for the state. Mr. Al-Kadhimi has a historic opportunity. If he wants to achieve something for himself and his family then let him face the truth. Al-Kadhimi's blood Is not dearer than Husham Alhashimi's. The blood of any martyr who fell in the October Revolution is dearer even then Al-Kadhimi's blood. It's a shame. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, representing the state. Someone who does not glorify the blood of Iraqis is in no way worthy of ruling Iraq."

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